november newsletter

November Newsletter

This can be one of the wettest months so make the most of any decent gardening days. Certainly, with the clocks having changed daylight is at a premium.

November is the time for tidying up the garden but try to resist making it too tidy. All sorts of creatures will be needing somewhere to snuggle up for the winter. Speaking of creatures, garden birds will really appreciate food and fresh water from now onwards and you’ll have the pleasure of watching them feed from the warmth of the house.

  • Sow some herbs to grow on windowsills during the coming winter months. You’ll need them to flavour all that scrumptious comfort food!
  • Bare root shrubs and trees will start to be delivered this month, the perfect time for planting.
  • Early in the month is still not too late to sow sweet peas. The result will be early blooms next year.
  • Continue raking up fallen leaves and turn them into valuable leaf mulch.
  • Soft fruit, including rhubarb can be planted now.
  • Secure grease bands around fruit trees to fend off the winter moth.
  • A wet November day is the perfect time to give pots and seed trays a good clean ready for next season.
  • Depending on where you live your dahlias may or may not still be flowering. Once they stop do wait for the first frost to blacken the stems before cutting down and lifting. Or not lifting! Visit our blog for advice.