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Keeping Chickens – A New Dobies Range

Many Dobies customers are now keeping chickens and so we’re launching our own range of everything both needed and wanted. We can provide a one-stop-shop solution, supplying everything from housing and bedding to electric fencing, feed and incubators. The only thing we don’t currently supply are the chickens themselves but we’re working on that, so watch this space!

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Winter Chickens – Advice and Care Tips

Winter chickens need a little extra care to remain healthy and happy. Hopefully they laid lots of lovely eggs earlier in the year and so can now be allowed to rest up. Concentrating their energy on beating the cold.

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Summer Care for Chickens

Keeping your chickens healthy in summer means allowing them to enjoy warm sunny days without suffering from heat stress. This is of course in addition to normal husbandry, pest and predator protection.

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