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The remarkable ‘Edible Garden Show’

Stall holders were busy selling throughout the Show

Stall holders were busy selling throughout the Show

I’m just back home after spending the day at ‘The Edible Garden Show’ at Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire, just outside Leamington Spa. Before I enthuse about the exhibitors, there are still two days when you can visit, if you are in the area, and grab a slice of the ‘Good Life’. Just click on this link for more details. High quality plants, seeds, equipment and advice were in evidence throughout the two halls and a marquee – all undercover, so no problems if the weather turns wet over the weekend. The Show focused on more than just edible plants: livestock and food stalls, plus plenty of gardening advice, given by individual exhibitors or in the Experts Theatre.

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End of month miscellany

potager in early summer 2011

My potager in early summer 2011; it’s development is still ongoing

With the mild weather we’ve had this January, I should have been out in the garden, titivating the potager and beginning yet another reclamation project of areas that escaped me last year. But circumstances have made this impossible, though I do enjoy our outdoor space every day when letting out, feeding and shutting in the hens. Crocuses and snowdrops already in flower, hellebores of various types with lime-green or deep purple buds ready to open, and the modest shrubby winter honeysuckle (Lonicera fragrantissima) releasing its delicious scent whenever I walk into the sheltered patch where it is growing.

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Red-White-and-Blue (and Rainbows, too)

Geranium St George-Ann

This weekend’s post as intended focuses on the Ornamental Garden, but is taking a little meander into June 2012 – the red-white-and-blue should give you a clue. The Queen’s Jubilee, of course, and a coincidence. A flyer that arrived by email regarding Dobies plants available by post, coupled with news from our village flower show committee that we are to ‘have a bit of a do’, reminded me of previous royal occasions when villagers hung out flags, organized street parties, and the like.  With plants available in such patriotic colours, front gardens should offer a splendid tribute – a joyous celebration all summer; and one that assuredly will be duplicated all over the country.

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The Crafty Gardener

living willow 'fedge'

a living willow ‘fedge’ – a cross between a fence and a hedge and easily grown from willow cuttings; dense and impenetrable once in full leaf, the crafty gardener can easily create one as a barrier around even a small plot

Living plants are by their very nature, ephemeral; never remaining in a static condition – their one aim to reproduce, to multiply. We prolong the usefulness edible crops in many ways, preserving or freezing fruit and vegetables, but for aeons of time, mankind has also made use of the properties of flowers and woody materials.

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