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Moving on with Ornamentals

self-seeded alliums in the neglected shrubbery

Joys to come: self-seeded alliums in the neglected shrubbery
– note the encroaching brambles!

It is truly remarkable what a little bit of neglect can do to a garden!  Flowers secretly proliferate and propagate themselves; plants that began life as a single plant or seed: and almost without warning, you have a multitude of young seedlings, or a bank of blossoms. It has happened in our own acre over the years, and brings such delight whenever something unexpected occurs. Such finds do not prevent me from endlessly increasing my stock of new seeds and plants, but what began as a bag of three summer-flowering bulbs, is by now a drift of purple starbursts (or will be next month).

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Ornamental Gardens – thoughts and plans

Sudeley Castle

I guess not many blog readers have a garden the size of Sudeley Castle (where this photo was taken), but visits to ‘stately plots’ provide both inspiration and ideas

As I sit by the fire contemplating this week’s post, the full moon shines through a gap in the wooden shutters, yet I am dreaming of hot summer days and the joy of working in my ornamental garden. The scent of roses, bees and butterflies in our ‘cutting patch’, and a productive potager filled with salads and herbs. For the moment, the vegetable plot is forgotten, or at least pushed to one side as reality surfaces; for I realise I have not yet ordered flower seeds for this year. Our summer ‘annuals’ border is always a visual delight, continually alive with bees; though sadly less honeybees, and so the humble bumble is increasingly important for pollination.

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