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Fuchsia Pink Panther

Some plants seem to be like marmite but I didn’t think that the fuchsia fell into that category. It seems that perhaps they do. Yesterday I visited nursery and was amazed to see a stunning sea of pink blooming Fuchsia Pink Panther awaiting new homes.

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Gardens on the move

Oxeye daisies in profusion

Oxeye daisies in profusion, plus bilberries, wild strawberries, clover, vetch, speedwell, bird’s foot trefoil, eyebright, herb robert, foxgloves and so many more

My plan to blog live from Ireland was a failure as such WiFi connections as I was able to access were so slow and intermittent that posting anything more than a short email proved impossible. But that did not stop me writing nor my husband and I taking photographs wherever we travelled – 1,000 miles from door to door. So my ‘News from Ireland’ is a longer than normal post – two weeks rolled into one. It’s surprising when one is away from home how plans for the garden gel when the day-to-day tasks of sowing and planting and weeding are not uppermost in your mind. So we forgot how the grass would be growing out of control in the orchard, or that the veg would either be dying for lack of moisture or drowned in yet more rain. With little traffic on most Irish roads, we had time to enjoy the diversity of wild flowers – and likewise the insects they attracted. Even though our garden at home is part wilderness, the sight of such profusion reminded me of the importance of creating wild areas in even the smallest plot.

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