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Vegetables for Chickens – What to Grow

Vegetables for Chickens – what can you grow for them to enjoy?
Gardens and allotments are the home to a great many chickens and they will certainly enjoy and benefit from having vegetables added to their menu.
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Chickens are not just for Christmas!

brown rescue hens feeding

My birds in the early 1990s – brown ‘rescue’ hens and rare breeds I reared
from hatching eggs. (I kept the one handsome cockerel – not a necessity; he was just rather special!)

Walking down the garden to let out the hens this morning, I again contemplated their advantages to the gardener as well as the cook. Eggs from your own hens bear no resemblance to shop-bought eggs – as anyone who buys my surplus regularly will testify. Supremely fresh, with golden yolks and oh, such taste. They are like they are because of the garden. I’ve blogged before about our hens, but haven’t offered tips on their benefit to the garden, nor cautioned the beginner as to potential problems which you should consider before buying hens for yourself, your children or grandchildren.



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Summer harvest – and SPECIAL OFFER

extension to the potager

The extension to the potager had a problem – a blackbird that kept uprooting all the plants! Now solved – the raised bed is now backed with flower pots which will be shortly filled with spring flowering bulbs. The herb patch has been augmented with herbs that will self-seed, thus extending the intended natural look. (Note the spring greens and autumn lettuce in the raised potager bed – just one corner of it shows.

I’ve spent the last few days in our garden harvesting and preserving produce, taking stock of tasks that I really should do this autumn, and planning additions and changes to the various mini-plots within our acre. Not all will be achieved, I know, but one thing I must do immediately is to take advantage of a very special Dobies’ offer. Whether you want to stock up on flower seeds, order winter bedding plants or splash out on some gardening accessories, then make sure to claim your 10% discount by using the code DOBBANK11 at the basket stage. But HURRY, you only have until mid-day tomorrow  (Wednesday 31st), and the offer only applies to orders placed online.

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Chickens in the Garden

caroline with hens

Why keep chickens? The obvious answer is for their eggs, but they have many more uses as far as gardeners are concerned. They enjoy eating meat and fish scraps, love chickweed and dandelion leaves, benefit from beet tops, sorrel and gone-to-seed spinach and can be fed lettuce thinnings. Of course, it’s a toss up between offering such delicacies to the chickens or adding them to your compost heap or wormery (the leaves, not the birds!) – it’s possible to do both. I am ‘between chickens’ right now, and missing them. The taste of a fresh egg is unsurpassed by anything you buy from even a farm shop; and I am convinced it is because I feed them a mixed diet, as well as their usual mixed corn and layers pellets.

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