Winter Chickens – Advice and Care Tips

Winter chickens need a little extra care to remain healthy and happy. Hopefully they laid lots of lovely eggs earlier in the year and so can now be allowed to rest up. Concentrating their energy on beating the cold.

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Hellebores Niger, The Christmas Rose

Hellebores must be one of the very best winter plants. With tough, evergreen leaves they simply shrug off frost and snow and push up their stunning flowers regardless.

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december newsletter

December Newsletter

Incredibly December has arrived once more, and so soon after the last one! The short, wet and cold days mean that December is not a great month for gardening.  It is however perfect for sorting through any leftover seed packets and ordering more for 2017. Why not try some exciting new varieties or do the opposite and select from our heritage range? Whilst you are inside in the warmth do please spare a thought for your garden birds and keep them well-stocked with food and fresh water. They’re worth it!

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Christmas Veg Facts

How Well Do You Know Your Christmas Veg? Here’s a few facts for you to share over the festive table.

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Dobies Group Scheme Offers Discounts

Dobies Group Scheme offers generous discounts to allotment groups, garden clubs and societies

Members of amateur gardening clubs can benefit from the generous discounts offered by the Dobies Group Scheme. And remember, our seeds are already cheaper than many other suppliers!

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