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Preserving Surplus Crops

Much of what we grow is best eaten fresh. I’m sure that many a pea doesn’t even make it as far as the kitchen and ripe sweetcorn cobs will have gone straight from the plant to the BBQ. The end of the growing season is the perfect time to invite friends for seasonal feasts of veggie soups and light stews. But much as fresh is best it’s also good to squirrel certain crops away, preserving them for enjoying over the winter months.

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Home-grown Herbal Tea

A mug of builder’s tea may be a traditional kick start to the day but more of us than ever are now drinking herbal tea. And what can better than growing and then making your own?

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brown rescue hens feeding

Herbs for Hens

Longer days mean that those of us lucky enough to be keeping hens in our gardens and on allotments will be seeing an increase in egg production.  Unfortunately, the warmer weather will also see an increase in harmful insects, mites and lice but the herbs you are growing can be a natural helper.

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Indian Marigold Kushi Mix

Mention Indian Marigold to many people and the conversation will turn to exotic hotels or cheap rubber gloves, but it is the flower that this blog will focus on.

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Elephant Herbs

Dobies continue to supply seeds and plants to Michelin star chef Simon Hulstone to grow on his farm and to then serve in his Torquay restaurant, The Elephant. In addition to vegetables, fruit and edible flowers Simon grows plenty of herbs and tells us “We’ve invested in a kitchen herb grower which is in pride of place in our brasserie.”

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