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We have good news about our vegetable seed that we’d like to share with all our valued customers. News that reinforces the decision you made in choosing Dobies as the supplier of your seed.

The consumer product testing company Which? has just published the results of their latest survey into the quality of vegetable seed. The survey investigated the 12 most widely used and well-known seed suppliers and we are delighted to say that Dobies came out on top.

The investigation tested each of the 12 companies on the following:

  • Number of Seeds in a Pack
  • Quality of Instructions
  • Germination Rate
  • Number of Dead Seeds in a Pack
  • Number of Popular Items, i.e. Range
  • Number of Best Buy Varieties
  • Apparent Value
  • Actual Value

Our seed here at Dobies scored top marks on 5 of the above points and we were the only company to be given top marks for Actual Value, based on the average number of healthy seedlings for the price paid.

Which? commented:

“Dobies came top of our table because its seeds were rated good value for money, both at face value and taking into account the number of seeds supplied and the germination rates.

On average, 84% of the seeds we grew from Dobies produced healthy seedlings, with impressively low levels of dead seeds. The retailer offers a reasonable range of vegetable seeds, including nearly 50 varieties that we recommend as Best buys.”

We hope that you are already a happy customer, satisfied with the results achieved from seed that we have supplied. The results of the Which? survey simply reinforce that decision and we hope give you the confidence to order all of your vegetable seeds from us here at Dobies. We value your custom.

Dobies Seed Catalogue


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