At this time of year, meetings are taking place in towns and villages across the country, making plans for Summer Horticultural Shows. Some will be planning grand affairs with marquees and jazz bands. Others will simply be planning a few tables in the village hall. Whatever the size, all shows need planning, a team of willing volunteers and a Dobies Show Pack.

I’ve been lucky enough to be involved in several shows and always bag the role of stewarding one of the judges. I’ve learned plenty over the years about the need for uniformity of potatoes, a clean snap to beans, the need for petal and egg perfection and the cut of a good lemon curd.

Villiage Show2

One thing that has always struck me is the complexity of the on the day administration. With runners going back and forth with completed sheets and prize cards and recorders tallying up points for cups and cumulative class prizes. All this requires a large group of volunteers (who would probably rather be enjoying the show). It also means the show can’t open until those last few points have been added and prize cards placed. My own village show doesn’t open until 1pm even though judging starts at 10am!

With this in mind I gave some thought to a simpler process and designed the Dobies Show Pack.

The Dobies Show pack is suitable for shows with up to 50 exhibitors and 150 exhibits. All items can however be purchased separately. So, larger shows can buy top ups and smaller shows can buy just the right amount of stationery required.

In summary the Dobies Show Pack is designed to work as follows:

– Each exhibitor completes an Entry Form and is given an Entry Card for each exhibit
– On the day of the show the exhibitor places the Entry Card under their exhibit
– During judging the Entry Cards are turned over and the appropriate prize sticker applied
– To help with the allocation of any cups, best in class awards, etc. the judge makes note on the Judges Score Sheet.
– Best in Class Certificates are awarded as is the Best in Show Certificate

Simple! The Dobies of Devon Show Pack will take the toil out of administering your show.

Villiage Show Winners

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