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“The sun was warm but the wind was chill.  You know how it is with an April day.”
–  Robert Frost

It may feel like you’ve only just packed away the Christmas decorations but April and therefore spring are here already!

There’s much to do in the garden this month, helped by lengthening days but hindered by those April showers. During the worst of the showers take cover, make a brew and look through our latest set of catalogues. You’ll find exciting new products, such as Tomato Heinz, Tiger Nuts, Helenium Short ‘n’ Sassy and chickens. Well OK, so maybe not chickens but certainly everything needed for keeping chickens, including fertilised eggs for hatching should you wish to “grow” your own.

April is a busy month but heavy showers can cause a challenge.

  • Sow hardy annuals and frost tender veg
  • Deadhead spring bulbs and allow the leaves to die down naturally
  • Sow lawn seed to either create a new lawn or to repair bare patches
  • Mow the lawn when necessary but only when the grass is dry
  • Finish pruning roses and give them a feed with Top Resist Rose Feed
  • Order tomato and other veg plants, they’ll soon start selling out. Do give some thought to trying grafted plants – the rewards are high (as are the plants)
  • Water any pots and containers during dry periods
  • Autumn sown sweet peas can be planted out and seeds can be sown direct where they are to flower

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To me, and many like me, April is the month of the cauliflower. Planted in July the creamy taste and crunchy texture are perfect, especially when there’s not that much seasonal veg about.

Cauliflowers have oft been the butt of school dinner related jokes and it’s true that they can be smelly when over-cooked. However, when not boiled to death, cauliflowers have a wonderful taste and are very versatile. Cauliflower cheese, on its own or with a traditional roast is great but how about trying something different:

  • Eat the florets raw or lightly steamed with a stilton based dip
  • Combine with onions, garlic milk and crumbled stilton to make a filling soup
  • Cook the florets in butter with almonds and walnuts until browned
  • Blitz the florets and use as a couscous substitute for tabbouleh by mixing with lemon juice, mint, chopped tomatoes and parsley
  • Roast the cauliflower whole, drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with sea salt
  • Use as the main ingredient in a veggie curry

Latest Catalogues

Our latest catalogues should have reached you by now. If not, then please request them by visiting https://www.dobies.co.uk/catalogue-request/

Vegetable Catalogue 2017 – the growing season is now well and truly upon us and this catalogue will provide all you need to ensure a constant supply of fresh fruit and veg. Our new Keeping Chickens range is also included – see below for more details.
Flower Catalogue 2017 – including a wonderful range of perennials plus shrubs and bedding plants
Garden Equipment 2017 – featuring all the gardening equipment you could ever need or want

Chicken Chat

This month sees the launch of our new Good Life Range, starting with Keeping Chickens. In addition to feed, bedding, housing, incubators and all the other chicken keeping necessities, we can supply fertilised eggs for hatching! Knowing how much our customers enjoy growing their own fruit and veg we thought you might also like to grow your own chickens and bantams! Click here for details.

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