Mixed corn is to chickens what chocolate is to many humans. Irresistible! My girls would be very happy if I stopped giving them layer’s pellets and instead allowed them to gorge on mixed corn from dawn to dusk. But, sadly like chocolate, corn should only be fed as a treat. Perhaps that’s what keeps it special!

Chickens love to scratch. That’s why I banned mine from the garden and put them out in the field, protected by electric fencing! Hens are busy, active creatures and love nothing better than scratching around in the soil and grass hunting for food. And this is where mixed corn comes in to play.

Scattering a small quantity of mixed corn in late afternoon will bring your chickens running. And there’s few more entertaining sights than a bunch of chickens dashing along, wings-a-flapping! They will then push and shove to scratch up their fair share, and perhaps a little bit more.

So why only feed mixed corn in the late afternoon? It’s a bit like making children eat their main course before they are allowed any pudding. Chickens need to be eating growers or layers pellets/mash, dependant on their age, as this is packed with the essential nutrients to keep them healthy. And to either grow or to lay. Pellets and/or mash are the main course and corn is the pudding.

Too much corn makes chickens fat. Again, in the same way that chocolate unfortunately does to humans. Fat chickens will either reduce their egg output or stop laying altogether. However, a small amount of mixed corn each day helps maintain strong egg shells and contains necessary fats, protein and fibre.

Personally, I’m a great believer in “a little bit of what you fancy does you good” and therefore I do give my hens a handful of corn each afternoon. It’s slow to digest and that means they go to bed with nice full crops. And the digestion process will help to keep them warm on cold nights.

I like to feed my hens the best I can afford and Allen & Page Mixed Corn is the answer. Organic with wheat and non-GM maize it is the ideal afternoon treat – both nutritious and healthy. Unlike chocolate!


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