If your diary’s starting to fill up with summer barbeques, it’s easy to add the finishing touch to your outside space before your friends start to arrive. No matter how long we wait for summer, it always seems to creep up on us– and you can add instant impact to your garden to get ready for those guests.

We’ve picked out some of the best perennials for adding a splash of colour and a touch of something different to your outside space, so here they are…

Agastache Plant

Agastache Plant

Let’s start with an absolute showstopper. The Agastache is available in a 2 litre pot for the first time ever, and we’re a little bit in love with the Purple Boa variety. Those big purple flowers manage to catch the eye from all around the garden, even though they’re on a plant compact enough for smaller spaces and patios.

A quick and easy way to liven up you borders with something different, this is one of our best perennials for impressing your guests!

Loved by bees and butterflies, they’re great choices for those of you keen to look after the nation’s bees and pollinators, and they’ll produce flowers for you well into the autumn. This one’s perfect if you’re after something a little different for this summer, and it’s one of the best perennials for creating the ‘wow’ factor.

Helenium Plant

If you don’t have any bright sunny yellows in your garden yet, this one’s all about bringing the sunshine to your patio. Helenium Short n’ Sassy offers golden petals huddled around chocolate-coloured cones, and this is another compact 2 litre plant.

You’ll enjoy hundreds of flowers throughout the summer (and into autumn for that matter), and they’re good flowers for cutting if you’re keen to enjoy them inside the house too.

Just imagine wandering through your living room and catching a glimpse of those little balls of sunshine in a vase…Another variety that’s as loved by pollinators as us humans, this one’s a fuss-free way to brighten your outside space in time for summer.

Canna Plants


It’s the perfect time of year to add a touch of the tropical to your outside space, and our new range of Cannas make it easy. Take the Cannova Bronze Orange for example…with dark orange petals that quietly blaze throughout the summer, this 2 litre potted perennial adds a touch of the holiday feel to any garden.

We love this one for urban gardens, as it adds a splash of bright colour and makes a talking point for those sunny days when you’re entertaining friends and family. The long stems showcase those dazzling flowers, and the plant’s compact size makes it a good choice for those of you with less space.

Cannas are a great way to add a little texture to your garden, and as they were spotted in many of the gardens at this year’s RHS Chelsea Flower Show they’re right on trend too.

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