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Recipes for a Cucumber Glut

Judging from customer feedback and the fact that my own plants are groaning under the weight of fruit, this seems to be the year of the cucumber glut. One of the healthiest of foods this low calorie food is packed with vitamins and is high in antioxidants. Being made from 95% water cucumbers are also a great hydrator on a hot day. Hence “She’s/He’s as cool as a cucumber.”

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Garden Upwards …. above ground

Growbags provide a quick  Garden Upwards solution on poor ground

Garden upwards – above ground – by first covering the surface with a tarpaulin and then planting in grow bags.

Taking stock of our plot – and oh how it has suffered over the last few months from overmuch wet – I decided to take advantage of my garden upwards technique. Basically, this excludes all digging, or even utilizing the ground at all, other than as a surface upon which to place containers of various types. From growbags to terracotta pots to table-top planters, garden upwards techniques are perfect when facing a post-flood scenario or indeed when you have ground to clear and can’t wait to get cropping. Here are some ideas to point you towards ‘above ground’ gardening.

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Advantages of Grafted Vegetables

Grafted tomato 'Lipso'

Grafted tomato ‘Lipso’

I have to admit when first learning some while back of the existence of Dobies grafted vegetable plants to being a little dubious. Not being a horticulturalist left me wondering what they were and why I should introduce them into our garden and greenhouse. What was (is) so special about grafting vegetables. Grafting as a technique has of course existed for ages – fruit growing springs particularly to mind where, for instance, a specific variety of pear, plum or apple is grafted onto a ‘wild’ and stronger rootstock.

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