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Add some flavour to your garden with our Chelsea edibles

With an emphasis on wellbeing, this year’s RHS Chelsea Flower Show is highlighting the benefits of growing for goodness and the ways our gardens can benefit mind, body and soul. There’s never been a better time to get your garden working hard to fill those dinner plates, and we love the satisfaction of stepping outside to harvest the fruits (or veg!) of our labour.

The humble homegrown veg has appeared in several of the show’s gardens and displays so far this week, inspiring gardeners of all ages to grow their own goodness. Tom Dixon and IKEA have teamed up to bring grow-your-own to the heart of city living in their ‘Gardening Will Save the World Garden’.

This attention-grabbing garden explores traditional methods of planting, alongside more futuristic growing systems. We love the displays of crates planted full of edible plants, grown to maximise yield from a small space. Intent on inspiring a new generation of gardeners to give growing their own a go, this urban garden highlights that when it comes to growing, it’s not about plot size.

We’re proud to see our very Lettuce Drunken Woman (from Rob Smiths’ range of Heritage Veg) and the beautiful Chard Bright Lights featured at the show too, and we’re passionate about championing the advantages of an edible garden that’s literally good enough to eat!

We’ve put together two veg collections to help fill your veg patch (or get you started), so you can save on a selection of our best-loved veg.  Choose from 3 potted plants for only £6 or save on brassica super plugs at just £6 per pack. Whichever you go for, Chelsea’s a great excuse to save on some of our most popular veg plants and plugs!

How Chelsea’s creating a buzz about bees

We were excited enough about Chelsea already, but when we saw the beautiful sculpture championing bees designed by McQueens Flowers, we were thrilled. We’ve been working hard to introduce ranges and collections that are perfect for attracting pollinators to our gardens, so we’re so pleased to see the experience created from bee-friendly flowers called Per Oculus Apum (Through the Eyes of Bees).

To celebrate Chelsea’s nod to our pollinating friends, our Bee-rilliant Collection combines 18 beautiful potted plants perfect for welcoming busy bees to your outside space. We’ve made it easier than ever to make your garden a buzzing bee haven with a mixture of varieties to fill your beds and borders with colour and fragrance.

Over at Chelsea, McQueens’ sculpture inspires visitors to experience the world through the eyes of bees, and it’s made from bee-friendly varieties native to the UK. It’s well worth going to take a look if you’re visiting RHS Chelsea Flower Show this week, and you’ll be able to create your own bee-friendly displays with our fabulous Bee-rilliant collection.

Image  courtesy of RH / Neil Hepworth

The Bee-rilliant Collection includes 18 x 9cm potted plants for just £60. The collection includes 3 each of the following varieties: Lavender Hidcote, Allium Millenium, Coreopsis Sunkiss, Leucanthemum Dwarf Snow Lady, Stokesia Blue Star and Erigeron Sea of Blossom. Click here to order yours. 

It's Chelsea Chop Time

The Chelsea Chop Explained

Mid to late May is the perfect time of year to treat your garden to a traditional Chelsea Chop, and the Dobies gardeners have been showing us how it’s done up at our Devon growing fields. The Chelsea Chop is a clever trick used by gardeners at around the same time as the RHS Chelsea Flower Show each year, which results in extended flowering periods for many perennials.

Carrying out the Chelsea Chop

The Chelsea Chop can be used on a wide range of perennials, and the closer to flowering you do your chop, the longer you’ll delay those blooms. Using shears or secateurs, chop back your perennial plant to up to a third. If you complete the Chelsea Chop on some of your garden’s perennials, you’ll delay their flowering period to begin as the first ones to bloom begin to finish – embracing successional flowering in your outside space.

If you have more than one clump of the same variety, why not chop back some and leave others to lengthen the plant’s overall flowering period? If you’re keen to extend the flowering season rather than to delay it, just cut half the front stems back and leave the rest.

Herbaceous perennials can be trimmed down by half as much with fantastic results. For one thing, your plants will look more compact, which means they’ll require less staking and you’ll enjoy lots of smaller, but equally beautiful, flowers.

Chelsea chop advice Dobies Spear & Jackson

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