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Summer Horticultural Shows

At this time of year, meetings are taking place in towns and villages across the country, making plans for Summer Horticultural Shows. Some will be planning grand affairs with marquees and jazz bands. Others will simply be planning a few tables in the village hall. Whatever the size, all shows need planning, a team of willing volunteers and a Dobies Show Pack.

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The Village Show

I’m sure several of you will have visited a Village Show at some time over the summer and strolled  round the horticultural tent, perhaps thinking “wow” and occasionally “mine at home are better than that”!

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Notes from here and there

pear tree in summerAugust Bank Holiday weekend has one juggling priorities. Does one spend the extra time doing garden tasks shelved ‘for another day’, or bottling fruit or making jam, or take the family out for the day to some lovely garden that is bound to inspire. Our own garden is in a sorry state of affairs, as we have been away for most of the summer – walking around it this morning, it’s hard to decide where to begin. Good news is that my pears are prolific this year and almost ready for making pear juice or a speedy sort of perry (like cider, but using pears) and the damsons are fast ripening ready for a jam-making sessions. The grafted tomatoes left to their own devices have taken over one raised bed but are producing ripe fruit as if there was no tomorrow. Sweet and juicy, and worthy of repetition next


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