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Bumblebees – Friends of Every Gardener

One good turn deserves another and bumblebees are very aware of this proverb. Encourage bumblebees to your garden and they will help to pollinate your plants, resulting in better crops.

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Gifts to Encourage Wildlife

With more and more people wanting to encourage wildlife into their gardens what better gift to give a gardener this Christmas than a ladybird house, a bug hotel or similar? Not only will the creatures they encourage add interest to the garden but they will also help to control some of pests with which many gardeners do battle.

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Four raised beds filled with vegetables and herbs in Summer 2013

Gardening Opportunities

If you live, as we do, where Winter extends into Summer and we have little or no Spring, and then suddenly Autumn creeps upon us unawares, it seems highly sensible to take advantage of all possible gardening opportunities. By which I do not mean out in the garden on days when you can, and potter in the greenhouse, shed or conservatory when you can’t. I mean open your mind to help from elsewhere. It seems highly sensible to take advantage of online-catalogue offers – seedlings, young plants and potted specialities to fill gaps, or to populate a complete bed.

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The scented bliss of sweet peas

Garden resuscitation

Since I last blogged, it’s been perfect for gardening – neither too hot nor too cold, and with showers to refresh the vegetables. The flower patch has come into its own, too. Dead-heading when appropriate has meant that there is a continual supply of cut flowers for the  house. Joy indeed. But as I picked and weeded and made notes of things to do next month, it came to me that gardens – being living entities – do from time to time need resuscitating. A revamp. Gardeners themselves may also feel the need for rejuvenation; it’s all too easy to become set in one’s ways because “that’s how I have always done it.”  So garden resuscitation is the order of the day; the thought would never have come to me had I not been tidying ‘The Shed’ – not the one with tools and gardening paraphernalia, but the one in which I store a library-full of BOOKS.

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Garden Stitching Fever

Stitched Garden Fever ran rife through our garden and orchard in 1992.

The sampler designed and stitched to celebrate a special birthday (and not from a kit!)

Little did I know when I designed and stitched a sampler to celebrate my daughter’s 21st birthday that I would be blogging about it over twenty years later. Garden stitching fever hit me simultaneously in the late 1990s with a passion for plants and their origins. A passion that has never left me, of researching gardens and garden history as seen through the eyes of artists and embroiderers. I was prompted to develop our garden into a series of garden rooms – at the same time as expanding our mini-orchard. My garden stitching fever was a labour of love in more ways than one –  I stitched in between bouts of gardening; and what I stitched was no kit, but designed on graph paper in the same way as each little garden area has been designed and transformed. The two ran hand in hand. Continue Reading