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End of month miscellany

potager in early summer 2011

My potager in early summer 2011; it’s development is still ongoing

With the mild weather we’ve had this January, I should have been out in the garden, titivating the potager and beginning yet another reclamation project of areas that escaped me last year. But circumstances have made this impossible, though I do enjoy our outdoor space every day when letting out, feeding and shutting in the hens. Crocuses and snowdrops already in flower, hellebores of various types with lime-green or deep purple buds ready to open, and the modest shrubby winter honeysuckle (Lonicera fragrantissima) releasing its delicious scent whenever I walk into the sheltered patch where it is growing.

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Red-White-and-Blue (and Rainbows, too)

Geranium St George-Ann

This weekend’s post as intended focuses on the Ornamental Garden, but is taking a little meander into June 2012 – the red-white-and-blue should give you a clue. The Queen’s Jubilee, of course, and a coincidence. A flyer that arrived by email regarding Dobies plants available by post, coupled with news from our village flower show committee that we are to ‘have a bit of a do’, reminded me of previous royal occasions when villagers hung out flags, organized street parties, and the like.  With plants available in such patriotic colours, front gardens should offer a splendid tribute – a joyous celebration all summer; and one that assuredly will be duplicated all over the country.

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