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At this time of year aphids are beginning to rampage. These small, pear-shaped insects like soft new growth on trees, shrubs, perennials, climbers, fruit, annuals and veg. In other words – they’ll eat most things.

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Gifts to Encourage Wildlife

With more and more people wanting to encourage wildlife into their gardens what better gift to give a gardener this Christmas than a ladybird house, a bug hotel or similar? Not only will the creatures they encourage add interest to the garden but they will also help to control some of pests with which many gardeners do battle.

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Cotswold Acre Memories

It’s surprising what will trigger a garden memory, or where an early love of gardening acquired in childhood may lead. For me, it was helping my grandmother deadhead annuals during the war (WWII); and ditto for my great aunt in the 1950s. I learned so much about plants when on my knees – and I wasn’t praying! The gardening bug did not really hit me until years later, and now I have so many memories that they jostle each other for space in my elderly brain. Not a day goes by but something, somewhere, will trigger a gardening memory from the past.

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The scented bliss of sweet peas

Garden resuscitation

Since I last blogged, it’s been perfect for gardening – neither too hot nor too cold, and with showers to refresh the vegetables. The flower patch has come into its own, too. Dead-heading when appropriate has meant that there is a continual supply of cut flowers for the  house. Joy indeed. But as I picked and weeded and made notes of things to do next month, it came to me that gardens – being living entities – do from time to time need resuscitating. A revamp. Gardeners themselves may also feel the need for rejuvenation; it’s all too easy to become set in one’s ways because “that’s how I have always done it.”  So garden resuscitation is the order of the day; the thought would never have come to me had I not been tidying ‘The Shed’ – not the one with tools and gardening paraphernalia, but the one in which I store a library-full of BOOKS.

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Inspiration at the Malvern Spring Gardening Show

Tulips in my Potager - a bright splash of colour in a dull week

Tulips in my Potager – a bright splash of colour in a dull week

Reading Debs’ post from Elephant Farm it seems that the weather is good down in sunny Devon, whereas up here in the north Cotswolds, it is dull, dreary and SO cold, as it has been for weeks on end. The early potatoes are looking good in the allotment-plot, and first batch of veg seed now transplanted into the potager. Albeit with cloches over the mixed lettuce. There’s spinach romping away in readiness for my new hens and one sad climbing bean solitary in the bean bed – rest were a failure and I have sown some more in the greenhouse. The joy has been the bed filled with spring bulbs, perfect blooms in various varieties over the last month – how I love the flamboyance of the parrot tulips.

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