From December to March, there are for many of us three gardens – the garden outdoors, the garden of pots and bowls in the house, and the garden of the mind’s eye.

Katherine S. White

The month with the shortest days and the longest nights, we can only hope that December’s daylight hours are cold and crisp with clear blue skies. Such days can be filled with warming winter digging and pruning, plus raking up and bagging the last of the fallen leaves.

Wet days are perfect for planning the garden for 2021, deciding what Dobies seed to sow and grow. It’s also time to tidy up the shed, clean seed trays and pots, sharpen secateurs and clean tools.

Evergreens provide interest in the winter gardens and trees, devoid of leaves, give structure, beauty and a place from which to hang bird feeders. Our feathered garden friends will be hungry this month and appreciative of extra food to help keep warm.

  • Carefully brush any snow from shrubs and plants as the frozen weight can otherwise cause breakage and damage.
  • Cut autumn raspberries back to ground level.
  • Have you ordered your Dobies seed potatoes yet? If not, then look at our range and place your order whilst there’s still a good selection of varieties available. You’ll want to start chitting them in the New Year.
  • Plant out bare-root shrubs, roses and trees and keep them well watered so the roots can spread and establish.
  • If you’ve been forcing bulbs for an indoor display then now is the time to bring them inside to a well-lit, cool spot.
  • Parsnips and Brussels sprouts will have been frosted and so can now be harvested. Stake or earth up your sprout plants to prevent damage caused by wind rock.
  • Keep off the grass in frosty weather. Black footprints are not a good look!
  • Check through to ensure that you have all the seeds that you want to sow for 2020 and place a Dobies order for any that are missing. Be brave and try at least 1 new variety – new so often means improved.

Seeds To Sow

While there is little to sow at the minute you can look forward to 2021 and pre-order your seeds. Sowing your onion seeds on Boxing Day is a gardener’s tradition and especially good for those that want to grow exhibition quality onions.

January is also great time to start off your chilies by sowing indoors. A heated propagator is useful, but you can get away with a warm, sunny windowsill. Beat the new year rush and secure your favourite seeds today..

Gifts For Gardeners

Are you wondering what to gift friends and family this Christmas? Or in two minds about a well-deserved treat for yourself? Whatever you’re searching for, a pick-me-up, to pamper a friend, a present for a loved one’s birthday or to celebrate Christmas with a pal from a distance, we have a gift by post for everyone and every occasion.

Dobies is your one stop shop for gardening inspired gifts this Christmas. You’ll find a great range featuring everything from terrific tools and gifts for wildlife lovers, to personalised sweet treats and everything in between.

Sow & Grow Your Christmas Dinner

Next Christmas should be the last thing on your minds… unless you’re a gardener! Sow and grow your own Christmas dinner with Dobies Christmas Dinner Collection.

From Brodie brussels sprouts with pancetta to dreamy honey roasted parsnips and carrots, dishing up home-grown veg on Christmas day would be quite the achievement. If you act early and sow slow-growing vegetables in the new year you’ll have them peak in time for next Christmas!

Dobies Christmas Dinner Collection is a great collection of seed to grow for Christmas dinner! Made up of seven fantastic vegetable varieties including Brussels Sprout Brodie F1, Cabbage January King, Carrot Autumn King 2, Kale Nero di Toscana, Leek Below Zero, Parsnip Gladiator F1, Sage Seeds.

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