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February on the Allotment Garden

February on the Allotment Garden

By Richard Chivers

February can be a tricky month for an allotment gardener.

It’s a month that teases us a little. In meteorological terms it’s the final full month of winter (although it does take up a chunk of March too) but for us growers it can still feel a long way to go until the frosts have passed and we can really get the allotment garden moving.

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Tiger nuts

Tiger Nuts: The Easy to Grow Superfood

When Is a Nut Not a Nut? When It’s a Tiger Nut!

Despite containing the word nut in its name, Tiger Nuts are not actually nuts but rather the tubers from a grass known as Yellow Nutsedge, or, to give it its proper name, Cyperus esculentus. Packed full of goodness and producing masses of intently sweet tubers that are bigger than peanuts with a taste of almonds and coconut, Tiger Nuts are a great alternative for anyone with a nut allergy or if you are simply looking for a gluten free healthy snack that you can easily grow at home.
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Chitting Potatoes – Is it Necessary?

On the subject of potatoes one of the questions we are most frequently asked is whether or not chitting is necessary. Our response is that first early and second early varieties are always best chitted however with main crop varieties it is not essential. Chitting your early potatoes will be giving them a head start which will result in an earlier, slightly improved harvest.

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Brussels Sprouts Factoids

Love them or hate them Brussels sprouts are not just for Christmas. These interesting and some would say tasty little veggies have been around for centuries and show no sign of going away.

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shallots drying

That’s Shallots!

No longer just grown for pickling and eating with a good chunk of bread and cheese, shallots have at last been recognised as a fine vegetable worthy of space in most gardens. Continue Reading