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Gateway to Gardening

A marvellous showgarden at Malvern 2013 (Spring Gardening Show)

Blog author Ann Somerset Miles adding sketches at Malvern in her gateway to gardening notebook

Gardeners seeking inspiration and ideas for their home plot will assuredly enter a gateway to gardening when visiting RHS Shows. The RHS (Royal Horticultural Society)  is Britain’s gardening charity, keeping gardeners up to date in so many ways. It’s worth becoming a member for the many advantages that brings, not least the help and advice available through its monthly magazine, free entry to RHS gardens, personalised garden advice – and priority on RHS Show tickets. Continue Reading

Post-Storm Inspiration – out and about enjoyment

plum tree storm damage Post-storm inspiration

Storm damage to our plum tree caused by exceptionally strong winds.

Thinking of one’s garden may be far from the minds of many readers who have been affected by gales and flooding. Personally, I turn for post-storm inspiration to gardens of the National Trust, knowing I will find beauty that will lift the spirit wherever I visit – on the page, or for real.

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Valentine’s Day Garden Hearts

willow tree living garden hearts

A living heart within a willow tree

Out and about with my camera, I sometimes spot strange shapes. Not that I am specifically looking; they fall into view, and then I start searching. It may be that branches frame a part of the garden, or the juxtaposition of tree-trunks offer me a shot that can be used for the cards and books I make. As here, walking along the banks of the River Teme on the Shropshire/Welsh border, I ‘found’ two garden hearts. These will be perfect for the book I am making for a garden-art exhibition to be held in the area this summer.

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Open your eyes !

A gorgeous golden pear at a past Malvern Autumn Show

A gorgeous golden pear at a past
Malvern Autumn Show

In the last of my posts on photography in the garden, I want to encourage you to keep your eyes open! Open to the possibilities that lie all around you. Whether quirky or factual, if it catches your eye, shoot it. Think about why you are taking the shot: as a record, to make a stunning greetings card, for your journal, or to turn it into some creative work of art. It affects the camera settings and background.

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Pretty Flowers or Sumptuous Veg

Sunbathing on a dahlia

Sunbathing on a dahlia

In my second post on taking photos in the garden for readers who may like to try a different approach, I am concentrating on decorative aspects the images one might take – at home or beyond the garden gate. Jumping in at the deep end, hardest of all are subjects that move around; taking the peacock butterflies above was a moment of opportunity for my husband – and the quality using his professional Nikon shows.

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