NEW Dobies Blog 2014

Our winter project was spent focusing on migrating the Dobies of Devon blog from it’s old Blogspot location over to it’s new website and it’s been a long, but very enjoyable exercise. At times, I’ll be honest, it didn’t seem like there was any light at the end of the tunnel but I am extremely pleased to let all of our blog readers know that the task is complete and the results are amazing! We hope you enjoy the NEW Dobies Blog 2014.

Here’s a quick list of just some of the work that’s been done plus a some of the new features our new blog platform features:

  • All images optimised along with captions. We’ve got some fantastic photography and I really hope you enjoy the new look blog displaying the images to their full size/resolution.
  • New format for all posts ensure a consistent look and feel.
  • Blog now looks absolutely great across all devices, i.e. mobile, tablet, desktop etc.
  • New commenting system called ‘Disqus’.
  • Fully integration across all Social Networks i.e. Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • Optimised page load times.
  • New ‘Lightbox’ functionality enlarges all images to high resolution ensuring all the photography looks great.
  • ‘You may also like these’ features related posts at bottom of posts.
  • Dedicated mobile application.
  • Easy ‘subscribe to posts’ option.
  • Keep informed when new content/comments are added.

We really hope that our existing and NEW readers will enjoy all of the new features and improvements we’ve made to the NEW Dobies Blog 2014. We will continue creating unique, fresh, exciting and very up to date information and content and we hope with all of the new slick features we now have in the NEW Dobies Blog 2014 site that you’ll engage with us by using the commenting system and subscribing to blog posts.

Remember, if there’s anything you’d like Ann to blog about, please get in touch with us here.

(Dobies of Devon)