Getting outside on chilly winter days can be a challenge even for dedicated gardeners! While December doesn’t offer blooms and bountiful harvests, it’s the perfect time to turn your green fingers to essential garden maintenance.

At Dobies, we believe that a well-maintained garden in winter lays the groundwork for a spectacular spring. So, wrap up warm, grab your pruning shears and let’s delve into the December garden to-dos.

Plants and Flowers

  • Begin by pruning any climbing roses, carefully tying in any new growth.
  • Lift dahlia tubers and store these treasures in a dry, cool and frost-free space, preserving them for the season ahead
  • Add a touch of festive cheer – harvest holly with berries to make sustainable Christmas decorations.

Fruit and Veg

  • If your strawberry plants have seen more than three winters, consider replacing them to maintain vigour and ward off disease. Order strawberry runners online now for an early spring delivery, ready for a sweet summer harvest
  • Lift any remaining root vegetables and leeks.

Garden Maintenance

  • Collect fallen leaves from around your roses, which prevents diseases like blackspot and rust from lingering in the debris. Dispose of diseased leaves in normal household waste
  • Brush any snow off greenhouse roofs and hedges to avert potential damage
  • Shield outdoor taps from the icy bite with foam lagging or, better yet, turn them off at the mains until spring
  • Protect your garden tools – wash them meticulously and apply a coat of linseed oil to stave off rust
  • Take some time to reorganise your shed, ensuring everything is in its rightful place for the new growing season
  • Cover compost bins with old carpet or plastic sheeting to prevent excessive wetness and freezing. This simple step ensures your compost continues to decompose, ready to enrich your garden’s soil for the growing season ahead.


Wild birds play a crucial role in pest control, making them valuable guests in any garden.

  • Invite feathered friends into your winter garden by hanging fat balls and bird seed feeders
  • Clean bird baths and feeders weekly to help prevent the spread of avian diseases
  • Ensure there is an unfrozen source of water for the birds to bathe and drink
  • Ground-level water dishes help small mammals too
  • Wildlife loves an untidy garden! Leave some piles of leaves and twigs as these act as habitats for wildlife.

Now you have some tips for what to do in your garden during December. Once you’ve finished gardening, head indoors to warm-up and plan what flowers and vegetables to grow next season. Happy gardening!

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