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Dobies new seed range contains new and exciting varieties of flowers and vegetables to deliver colour, interest, scent and taste, while keeping wildlife happy too!

From twists to traditional favourites to novel new varieties, there’s something for growers of all experience levels and for all plot sizes.

New flower seed 2024 highlights

Cosmos ‘Apricot Lemonade’ Seeds

Dobies new flower seed 2024 Cosmos ‘Apricot Lemonade’ - image shows a close-up on a single daisy-like bloom with 8 petals in shades of apricot and pink

A breakthrough from T&M’s own breeding programme

Cosmos ‘Apricot Lemonade’ adds pretty pastel colour with a soft and airy feel to beds and borders. Flowering all summer long, its blooms are a soft shade of apricot with a mauve-pink ring around the centre. Each flower fades to a pale creamy-yellow, complemented by a pale lavender underside.

Height: 50-70cm
Spread: 40cm
Sow: February to May
Flowers: July to October

Scabious ‘Salmon Queen’

Dobies new flower seed 2024 scabious ‘Salmon Queen’ - image shows a close-up on flowers blooming in a border. The flowers are pincushions of pale pink petals.

A terrific twist on a cottage garden favourite!

Brilliant for attracting butterflies, the pretty pincushion flowers of scabious ‘Salmon Queen’ come in an antique shade of pink and are borne on long, sturdy stems. Lovely for adding a light, airy look to cottage garden planting schemes and great as a cut flower for the home. You’ll love its lightly fragrant fully double flowers and so will the wildlife in your garden.

Height: 90cm
Spread: 40cm
Sow: February to June
Flowers: July to September

Sunflower Pro Cut ‘White Lite’ F1

Dobies new flower seed 2024 Sunflower Pro Cut 'White Lite' F1. Image shows a close-up on one pale-yellow to green bloom

A new colour innovation in sunflowers!

With its subtle blond shades, Sunflower Pro Cut ‘White Lite‘ F1 is a sophisticated new colour innovation in sunflowers!  Boasting soft, creamy-yellow blooms with a gold/green centre, each fabulous flower measures 12-15cm across. Bred to offer perfect vase specimens, these single-stemmed plants have strong, tall stems bearing pollen-free blooms.

Height: 180cm
Spread: 40cm
Sow: March to June
Flowers: July to September

New vegetable seed highlights

Tomato ‘Merrygold’ F1

Dobies new vegetable seed 2024 Tomato ‘Merrygold’ F1 . Image shows a bunch of harvested orange-gold coloured tomatoes still on a piece of vine, placed on a wooden chopping board. Marigold flowers are placed around the board.

The first blight-resistant orange tomato!

Beat the blight with Tomato ‘Merrygold’! This cordon cherry tomato is the world’s first blight-resistant, orange-skinned tomato. ‘Merrygold’ delivers high yields of sweet but tangy cherry-sized toms that look great on the vine and taste delicious.

Height: 200cm
Width: 50cm
Sow: February to April
Harvest: July to October

Tomato ‘Crokini’ F1

Dobies new vegetable seed 2024 Tomato Crokini F1. Image shows a cluster of bright-red cherry tomatoes growing on a cordon vine outside.

Up to 300 cherry toms per plant!

Award-winning Tomato ‘Crokini’ produces high yields of up to 300 cheery-sized fruits per plant! The small, firm red fruits have a sweet, slightly acidic taste with a Brix rating of 8.5 and a crunchy texture with good resistance to splitting.

The tasty tomatoes are evenly distributed over plants in clusters of up to 10-12 fruits. Built-in resistance to late blight means harvesting can continue well into September too!

Height: 200cm
Width: 50cm
Sow: February to April
Harvest: July to October

Beetroot ‘Golden Eye’

Dobies new vegetable seed 2024 Beetroot golden eye, pictured as a pile of harvested roots on the garden soil, One beet has been cut open to reveal the yellow flesh inside.

A colourful & sweet alternative to earthy-tasting beetroot!

With its vivid-yellow flesh, ‘Golden Eye‘ offers a sweet flavour and none of the typical earthy-taste of other varieties. Great to grow to maturity or to harvest as baby beets, these ravishing roots taste as good as they look on your dinner plate. Try them roasted, grated raw in salads or juice them.

Height: 30cm
Spread: 15cm
Sow: March to July
Harvest: June to October

Sweet Pepper ‘Liberty Belle’ F1

Dobies new vegetable seed 2024 Sweet Pepper 'Liberty Belle' F1. Image shows the plant growing in a terracotta-coloured planter, placed in a vegetable bed outdoors. The plant and 9 yellow fruits are shown growing through a plant support to hold the fruit. Two fruits are green and yet to ripen.

A compact pepper that’s perfect for patio pots!

Sweet Pepper ‘Liberty Bell’ F1 is a dwarf variety reaching only 50cm high, which delivers high yields and large, uniform fruits despite its small stature.

Peppers are pale green when young, maturing to glorious golden-yellow with a very sweet flavour. With excellent heat tolerance, you’ll be picking 8-12 peppers weighing 125-135g per plant.

Height and spread: 50cm
Sow: March to April
Harvest: July to October

Carrot ‘Burpees Short N Sweet’ – Seeds

Dobies new vegetable seeds 2024 Carrot 'Burpees Short N Sweet' . Image shows a harvested bunch of 6 short orange carrots laying on the soil surface. Behind them more carrot tops can bee seen still growing in the soil..

Ideal for growing where other varieties fail

A carrot for all growers, ‘Burpees Short N Sweet‘ is perfect if you have heavy soil or prefer to grow crops in containers, thriving where other carrots fail.

Appropriately named, this variety produces carrots that are short and sweet-tasting, with a crisp crunch. Maturing just 68 days after sowing, ‘Burpees Short N Sweet’ is a great way to grow fast, successively sown crops of 10cm long, bright orange roots.

Height: 25cm
Spread: 15cm
Sow: April to June
Harvest: August to November

Spring Onion ‘Marksman’ (Bunching Onion)

Dobies new vegetable seed 2024 Spring Onion 'Marksman' (Bunching Onion). Image shows 7 spring onions, cleaned and harvested, displayed on an oval wooden platter on a piece of hessian material, on top of a dark-wood table top.

A British bred, quality salad onion

Good for autumn and spring/summer cropping, Spring Onion ‘Marksman’ offers straight stems with a mild taste that are ideal to enjoy raw. ‘Marksman’ grows a vigorous root system resulting in strong, upright leaves and increased resistance to disease.

Height: 30cm
Spread: 10cm
Sow: March to August
Harvest: May to October

Parsnip ‘Sabre’ F1

Dobies new vegetable seeds 2024 Parsnip 'Sabre' F1. Image shows the mid-section of a man in an allotment and he's holding 4 harvested white parsnip roots.  The parsnips have had their foliage removed.

A future show bench contender!

With an excellent pedigree, Parsnip ‘Sabre’ is destined to be a show bench winner. Plants produce long, very white and smooth-skinned roots with a great flavour, plus good resistance to canker.

Height: 45cm
Spread: 30cm
Sow: March to May
Harvest: July to October

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Dobies new flower and vegetable seed range has been carefully selected to provide you with high-quality seeds to grow in your containers, beds, borders and veg patch.  

It’s a great feeling to harvest homegrown veg and create fabulous floral arrangements from blooms you’ve grown – all from seed and in your own garden.

Our seed guarantee gives you peace of mind too, so what are waiting for? Pick your favourites and start sowing!

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