Nothing tastes as sweet as delicious berries picked fresh from your own garden on a warm summer day.

Dobies selection of soft fruit includes strong, disease-resistant, high-yield varieties, which crop throughout the season. From fragrant raspberries to glossy blackberries and tart currants – these small but mighty fruits pack a flavour punch to perk up desserts and fruit salads – or maybe use them to flavour your G&T!

Thornless Blackberries – picking without pricking!

Blackberry Loch Ness is an award-winning blackberry and its thornless plants are excellent for pollinators and people alike! No more scratched hands when you’re harvesting, so these are a great choice for families with small children. A super producer of high yields of up to 3.6kg of glorious glossy blackberries. This is the number one variety used by commercial growers because it grows and crops so well – from August to first frosts. Use your crops for comforting homemade apple and blackberry crumble, to make pots of tangy blackberry jam or try your hand at making a blackberry liqueur (Crème de mûre).

Harvest raspberry crops in the first year!

Raspberry Plant – Cascade Delight is a vigorous growing variety with good disease resistance that produces high yields of firm conical berries with fantastic flavour. This mid-summer fruiting plant is supplied with approximately 10.2cm (4′) of year-old fruiting wood still attached, so you can plant them and be cropping them in the same season! The first delicious berries will be ready to pick from mid-July.

Delicious fruits without any hold ups!

Raspberry Plant – Mid Primo Autumn Bliss are largely self-supporting, which means you won’t need a framework to hold them up! A single wire (or strong string) between posts will keep them upright, so you can enjoy their fabulous fruits without any hassle. They’ll produce a crop of attractive and tasty red berries that should be ready to harvest from late August-early September.

Flavour-packed and disease resistant!

Strawberry Plants – Korona an early fruiting variety selected in response to the demand for a strawberry that gives good flavour and disease resistance. Large juicy fruits with great flavour.

Culinary currants!

A modern Scottish bred variety, Ben Alder is heavy cropping and later fruiting, with excellent disease resistance. Ideal for beds and borders, patio pots and containers or raised beds, it’s attractive to bees and will grow in sun or shade. Why not use your harvest to top a cheeky cheesecake or add a tang to summer fruit puddings?

For sensational fruits and a homegrown harvest to remember, choose Dobies’ soft fruit for strong, disease resistant, high-yield varieties, which crop throughout the season.

3 thought on “Grow Your Own Delicious Berries and Currants with Dobies”
  1. I have just received my fruit plants It is very cold today so i have put them in water in the green house till the soil warms up I hope I have done right, i do not have much garden I am 87 and love the little I have and i have the greenhouse. is this the right thing to do?

    1. Hi Mary, fruit plants supplied at this time of year should be planted as soon as possible providing the ground is not waterlogged or frozen solid.
      We hope this has been helpful to you.
      Best regards,
      The Dobies Team

  2. The Blueberries i bought from Dobies in 2022 grew to about 3 feet and now there is new growth coming up from the ground at the base of the plants. Should I cut the three feet stalks down and let the bottom growth take over?

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