Dobies pimps up the plot and plate with purple peppers and mauve mash! 

Looking for something different?

Then look no further as Dobies is always on the look out to add more unusual fruit and veg introductions, quirky varieties in distinctive colours perfect for adding interest across your plot providing you with veg varieties which you are unlikely to find in your local shop. Our Grafted Pepper Beluga Lilac will add a splash of purple to both the plot and the plate!

Add a bit of groovy to the greenhouse or simply pep up your patio you can even grow these in your conservatory, our Beluga Lilac Pepper is just the variety to liven things up! A robust plant which has a neat habit and will produce fruit around 150-170g each! These can be harvested when crisp and lilac to add colour to your plate or left to ripen to bright red if you wish.

So, if you usually grow peppers in shades of red, orange, yellow and green then why not add this purple variety to the mix for extra interest this year? Both sweet on the eye and sweet to taste! A truly beautiful blocky pepper that has to be seen to be believed! Featuring fantastic, sweet flavour they are great tasting too! 

Pimp up the plate!

Add to all your favourite dishes from stir fries to fajitas and roasted veg. You can stuff and bake them or chop and serve in a sensational summer salad. Slice into strips to create good-looking crudités – a beautiful companion for a bowl of homemade humous.

Other new pepper plants varieties to try this year include… 

Pepper (Sweet) Curry a “vigorous, reliable cropper” and named ‘Curry’ based on the smell and colour of the seed. The fruit has a characteristic upward-pointing growth, only beginning to hang downwards when mature, sweet and ready to pick.

Dobies turns your mash mauve!

These dazzling blue potatoes of the ‘Salad Blue’ make an exciting additional early maincrop choice. A vigorous grower and versatile variety which is best suited to baking, roasting, boiling or chips and make the ultimate of mauve mash!

What a stunning colour! 

Producing attractive blue to purple flowers on the plot which match its striking purple potato crop! What’s more, Salad Blue hold their unique colour when cooked making them perfect for creating exciting and interesting meals for the whole family to enjoy. Both totally satisfying and visual treat on the plate! 

Harvest from June to July and start enjoying these with your favourite summer salads, then as we move into autumn enjoy these stunners as a complementary side with hearty meals of roasted meats, root vegetables, or cauliflowers in various shades of creamy white, green and purple. Or serve with fresh greens which will pop against a mauve mash backdrop to create fabulous looking rustic dishes. Kids will love eating purple chips too!

Health Benefits of Purple Potatoes

Purple potatoes are rich in polyphenol antioxidants called anthocyanins, like most blue/purple foods. In fact, they have two to three times more antioxidant activity than white or yellow potatoes. Polyphenols are beneficial plant compounds with antioxidant properties that may help to protect against various diseases: helping to prevent blood clots, reduce blood sugar levels and lower heart disease risk. They may also promote brain function, improve digestion and offer some protection against cancer.

Other new potato introductions for 2021 include…

Seed Potatoes – Home Guard
This first early is a traditional favourite, introduced during the Second World War. It’s one of the earliest cropping potato varieties, producing good yields of even, round potatoes. It’s best eaten early in the summer so is ideal for boiling and salads.

Seed Potatoes – Acoustic
Maincrop Acoustic is ideal for garden and organic production as this new, easy-to-grow variety has excellent blight resistance with golden eelworm resistance. Heavy cropping variety with cream flesh. A great, new all-rounder which you can boil, use in salads, mash, bake, roast and chip.

Seed Potatoes – Stemster
This maincrop is a tasty, red-skinned variety that produces lots of large potatoes. It grows very well in soils that dry out quickly, as it has good drought resistance. Stemster is also suitable for long term storage and will keep until the following Spring, in the right conditions. It’s delicious boiled, mashed, baked and roasted.

By growing with Dobies you’ll bring only the best produce to your plot and plate, select from quirky coloured varieties to add interest to meal times!

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