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July Harvest

In July we start to harvest what we’ve sown and grown and have the pleasure of tucking into fresh, unmessed-about-with home grown veg. There really is little to beat that feeling of pride as you gather food for the day and planning meals around your own harvest rather than buying to fit a recipe makes for some very inventive eating! Continue Reading

Pashley Manor Gardens

Visit Pashley Manor Gardens, on the border of Sussex and Kent, and see a wide range of vegetables grown from seed supplied by Dobies of Devon. For many years Dobies has been supporting Pashley Manor by providing the vegetable seed for their lovely and productive kitchen garden. Once the crops have been harvested they are cooked and served in the garden café so be sure to visit there too! Continue Reading

Planning the Perfect Potager

discussing garden design plans

Discussing a secluded area in our Cotswold garden sorely in need of reclamation; almost a total makeover – but I have such plans (though bringing them to fruition will take time, and hours of work).

Rain in the wind, and falling from the sky – and I wonder when I will ever get back to the joys of plunging my hands in the warm soil, and actually sowing and planting anything, let alone harvesting young and succulent salads and vegetables. I return to my series of photographs taken around the garden in early January, and the plans that I was trying to formulate in my head for this year; always more than I can ever accomplish! Last week I blogged about my passion for herbs – but that is as nothing when compared to my PASSION for POTAGERS. Potagers? Best described perhaps as productive yet ornamental kitchen gardens. Not just food, but glorious colour, and the ongoing delights of watching edible plants grow, whilst also accommodating beneficial wildlife, no matter how small the space.

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Potatoes – grow, cook, eat

new potato crop

first of the new potato crop (taken June 2010)

The ubiquitous potato is a staple of most people’s diet, and has been ever since the sea-faring Sir Francis Drake introduced them to our shores in the 1580s – and he did not think much of them as a food!  Yet they are packed with goodness. Although a year-round crop (whether freshly dug or stored), it will however be some months before we will be digging this season’s new potatoes and eating them, plain-boiled or – even more delicious – topped with freshly-chopped parsley and lashings of butter.

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