Grafted Veg in the Dobies of Devon display at Malvern
Grafted Veg in the Dobies of Devon display at Malvern

Back at the ‘Beat the Spiralling Cost of Food’ Dobies of Devon display at the Malvern Spring Gardening Show this morning (stand OS564 in the Plant Pavilions opposite the Wye Hall), all remaining plant surprises were in position – no wonder they were kept under wraps last night; the weather was not conducive to ensuring that such magnificent grafted vegetables would still looking pristine this morning. And they were. Grafted aubergine ‘Scorpio’, grafted tomatoes ‘Conchita’, grafted peppers ‘Britney’ and Grafted Chillo ‘Medina’. Grafted vegetables are not in any way genetically modified but grafted onto vigorous stock; but they do need feeding to produce a good crop.

The Dobies Team
The Dobies Team (Steve, Fran, Michelle and Alex) with everything under control

Alex (who helps to maintain the Dobies (and Suttons) trial grounds in Devon, joined me in the vegetable patch of psychedelic swirls, reeling off a list of varieties to save me peering at labels and wetting my notebook in the rain. Leaf Beet (Chard) ‘Bright Lights’; Pak Choi ‘Rubi F1 (ruby-leaved) and Pak Choi ‘Chu Choi’ F1 (green-leaved);  salad bowl Lettuce ‘Delicato’ (red) and  non-heading ‘Ashbrook’ (green); plus Turnips, Carrots and red and green Basil.

Potato Chitting Trays have many uses
Potato Chitting Trays have many uses:
and don’t be fooled by the simplicity of the seed packet design;
reduced printing costs reduce the cost of the top-quality seed

You never know what will inspire you at Malvern, or any other gardening show for that matter. The inventiveness of exhibitors is legion, and here was the Dobies team with such a good idea for storing seeds: using potato chitting trays which they adapted with wooden dividers to support the various packets.


All seeds and plants are on special offer during the Show, and there are still three days to visit; to see the stand – OS564 – and to buy (whilst stocks last). And of course, to visit the rest of the Show.






Venue: Three Counties Showground, Welland, Malvern, Worcs, WR13 6S

For more information about the Show, please visit the web site; or telephone the Showground on 01684 584924.

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