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Extreme Weather Gardening

Seeds supplied by Dobies of Devon are grown throughout the EU and EEA and the resulting plants manage to cope with some very extreme weather conditions. Some of the coldest weather is experienced in Norway yet even here Dobies customers, Jean and Graham Armishaw, have managed to create a wonderful garden, despite the snow!

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Disease Resistant Veg

Strong healthy veg plants will be more resistant to disease than those that are stressed so do keep them well watered, weed free, regularly fed and also well-spaced to allow the air to circulate between plants. It can be soul destroying when disease does strike a crop and wipes out all your hardwork and anticipation of harvest.

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Pashley Manor Gardens

Visit Pashley Manor Gardens, on the border of Sussex and Kent, and see a wide range of vegetables grown from seed supplied by Dobies of Devon. For many years Dobies has been supporting Pashley Manor by providing the vegetable seed for their lovely and productive kitchen garden. Once the crops have been harvested they are cooked and served in the garden café so be sure to visit there too! Continue Reading

Savoy Cabbage F1 Rigoleto

I thought I’d share with you an interesting email recently received from a customer giving feedback on her experience of growing Savoy F1 Rigoleto cabbage at their home in the Austrian Alps. What a view there must be from the cabbage patch!  Continue Reading

Autumn is here – and with it a Catalogue Trawl

I've spent more time in the garden recently than I have all summer

I’ve spent more time in the garden recently than I have all summer

I’m now back from my travels and busy in the garden whenever I can, taking advantage of the warm weather despite blustery showers. And with impending gale force winds over the next few days, I’ve been checking structures to ensure they aren’t uprooted and sent bowling down the garden or over the neighbour’s fence. The willow wigwam that had supported my honeysuckle had finally disintegrated – it was a question of pruning, and supporting temporarily with iron stakes.

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