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Red Mite Control Advice

Much as we chicken keepers enjoy the summer months the warmer weather is not without its problems. Possibly the biggest and most irritating, to hens and their humans, is the invasion of the red mite.

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Vegetables for Chickens – What to Grow

Vegetables for Chickens – what can you grow for them to enjoy?
Gardens and allotments are the home to a great many chickens and they will certainly enjoy and benefit from having vegetables added to their menu.
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Winter Chickens – Advice and Care Tips

Winter chickens need a little extra care to remain healthy and happy. Hopefully they laid lots of lovely eggs earlier in the year and so can now be allowed to rest up. Concentrating their energy on beating the cold.

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Summer Care for Chickens

Keeping your chickens healthy in summer means allowing them to enjoy warm sunny days without suffering from heat stress. This is of course in addition to normal husbandry, pest and predator protection.

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brown rescue hens feeding

Herbs for Hens

Longer days mean that those of us lucky enough to be keeping hens in our gardens and on allotments will be seeing an increase in egg production.  Unfortunately, the warmer weather will also see an increase in harmful insects, mites and lice but the herbs you are growing can be a natural helper.

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