pea douce Provence
pea douce Provence

Hello fellow gardening folk, What wonderful weather we have had, it has warmed the ground up lovely. I  put out my peas this week, “early onward ” an easy to grow favourite and “ douce Provence ” they only

grow about 18″ high so twig staking only required also can be sown in October and November for over wintering , my first time with these so will keep you posted.
All my tomatoes and cucumbers are in the tunnels now as are my ” tomatillo ” ( lime flavoured toms that come in their own Chinese lanterns ) which are growing with great zest, I am quiet excited to see what these little wonders turn out like ! My cucamelons  are just starting to take bite but they do like the warm these are grape sized watermelons that taste of cucumber with a shot of lime… Enjoy the weather ( including the rain!) and catch you all next week.
Debs the guru gardener !

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