Dobies of Devon has just launched a range of crates that are ideal for growing vegetables, flowers and fruit. These handsome rustic crates are designed for use where growing space is limited and will fit perfectly on a balcony, roof garden or small patio.

• They can be stacked one on top of the other to make best use of vertical space

• The crates come in a range of sizes so there’s at least one to fit every space

• They are made from 12mm sustainable wood and have a 3-year protective stain so will look good for ages

• Each crate can be personalised for free with the message of your choosing – up to 20 characters/spaces per slat

The Crates are available to buy on their own, just with liners, or ready stocked with collections of suitable plants and seeds. Please see below for details of the available collections:

Speedy Leaves – Ready to harvest in just 3 weeks these cut-n-come-again salad leaves will spice up your meals. The more you snip the more the leaves will keep on growing.


Pizza box – Combines the first fully blight resistant tomato, Crimson Crush, with basil and oregano plants. Perfect for pasta, sauces, salads, sandwiches and of course pizzas!

Some Like it Hot – Two chilli plants, Jalapeno and Paper Lantern, combined with Leaf Salad Spicy Mix will make this a hot favourite. Perfect as a present for the man in your life, especially with free personalisation.

Over the Rainbow – Colourful food has been proven to be as healthy as it is attractive and enticing. Here you get Beetroot rainbow, Carrot Rainbow and Chard Bright Lights. Sunglasses may be required!


Salad Days – Regular sowing will ensure you never have to buy a plastic bag of plastic salad from the supermarket again. Your crunchy home-grown harvest will include Salad Cos Mix, Spring Onion Shimonita and Radish Jolly.

Strawberry Fields – They really can be “forever” with a continuous supply of sweet juicy strawberries from July to October.

Herbtastic! – An essential ingredient in many dishes herbs picked straight from your own crate will be fresh and perfect. Mint, parsley, chives. Oregano and thyme will just keep on giving and make the perfect gift for the cook in your life.

If you are looking for an unusual personalised gift then a Dobies crate could well be the answer.


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