Our carefully selected range of flower and vegetable seed for the 2016 season is now available. In this blog I’ll concentrate on the exciting new vegetable seeds that have been added to the range selection. Details of the new flower range will follow shortly.

Based on the average seed prices charged in 2015 by other major seed suppliers Dobies vegetable seed proved to be up to 41% cheaper for comparable varieties. Combine that with the face that in November 2014 Which? gave us the top 5-star rating  in terms of value and you can feel very confident buying all of your seed from us for the 2016 season and beyond.

New to Dobies Veg Seed for 2016 (excluding Rob Smith’s heritage range):

Chilli Zimbabwe Black

French Bean Compass – a prolific and disease resistant extra fine bean. (See page 7)

Runner Bean Prizewinner – new to the Dobies range although it’s been around awhile. Perfect for the village show so we felt it about time we included it. (See page 8)

Carrot Creampak F1

Cabbage Kilazol F1 – club root resistant with long storage and a great taste! (See page 13)

Carrot Creampak F1 – a creamy-skinned gourmet type with a really strong sweet carroty taste


Squash Crown PrinceCourgette Sure Thing F1 – self-pollinating and ideal for a small garden or greenhouse. (See page 20)

Cress Curled – grow indoors all year round, ready to eat in just 6-8 days. (See page 21)

Leek Below Zero

Cucumber Greenfit F1 – reliable and heavy crops of long bitter-free fruits. (See page 21)

Leek Below Zero F1 – extreme cold tolerance and resistance to rust. (See page 25)


Potato Blue DanubeSnap Pea Sugar Bon – a dwarf growing early maturing variety producing heavy crops of short tasty pods. (See page 35)

Sugar Pod Peas Shiraz – a burgundy mangetout with a chestnutty taste. (See page 35)

Sweetcorn Mirai Picnic

Chilli Pepper Zimbabwe Black – purple stained foliage and colourful chillies that are hot, hot, hot. (See page 37)

Chilli Pepper Scotch Bonnet new to Dobies but established as one of the hottest varieties you can grow. (See page 37)

Crimson Crush 2

Potato Axona – blight resistant maincrop that makes perfect mash. (See page 38)

Potato Blue Danube – blight resistant general purpose maincrop. (See page 38)

Spinach Amazon F1 – fast growing with attractive dark green foliage, perfect for using as baby leaves. (See page 41)

Sweetcorn Mirai Picnic F1 – a super sweet variety good enough to eat raw. (See page 43)

Tomato Crimson Crush – the world’s first fully blight resistant tomato! (See page 45)

And of course these are just the new additions to our already full and varied range! Click here to view the range in it’s entirety or request a catalogue and browse at your leisure.

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