Why grow grafted plants when a wider range of fruit and vegetables is available to grow from seed or from ordinary plants? The simple answer is to get the best from a combination of varieties with the most vigorous rootstock and those that are the most flavoursome, the result being a higher tasty yield!

Most commercially grown tomatoes in the UK are grown on grafted plants. The growers simply get more from each plant. Peppers, chillies and cucumbers are all other great grafted vegetables, helping you beat most of the problems associated with that variety and providing a better crop than most seed-grown plants are capable of producing.

There is nothing GM or Frankenstein about grafted plants however it certainly is a skilled process. The tops of the fruiting variety and the super-strong rootstock are carefully and skilfully removed by hand, using a small blade to slice at an angle across each stem. The rootstock bottom and the top of the fruiting variety are then grafted together using a special clip which drops off naturally as the plant grows.

Dobies has been selling grafted plants for several years and have perfected the art. And now we have a new and exclusive range from Rob Smith, winner of the BBC Big Allotment Challenge. Rob tells us “I’ve decided to graft an exclusive range of fantastic vegetables. Not only are they great for the allotment, but for the garden and containers as well. Grafting means they’ll produce up to 75% more produce and they’re more resistant to disease. Try them in the ground or in containers on the patio for veg all summer long.”

Rob’s range includes the smallest tomato, “the size of a currant but it packs a punch in terms of flavour”, a crunchy white cucumber, an Almapaprika to enable you to make your own paprika, and so much more. Simple click here to be taken to his full, new and exclusive, range.

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