Rob Smith’s Heritage Veg Plant Range is bigger and better than ever. Perennial favourites remain but Rob has unearthed some exciting new/old varieties to include.

Rob tells us “With my Heritage Veg Plant Range, you’ll be growing a little bit of history in your own garden. Each variety has been selected to give you really productive little plants, from nut-free ‘nuts’ to squash which is sweeter than a sweet potato. Thriving on the allotment and in the garden alike.”

Tiger Nuts

The nut-free ‘nuts’ to which Rob refers are Tiger Nuts. These are the tubers from a very easy to grow type of grass. You simply grow the grass outside in a shallow container. When the first frost kills the grass, you unearth the tubers. And call them ‘nuts’! They are bigger than peanuts and taste like a combination of almonds and coconut. Rob brought some into the office and they were a real hit. Especially with those who can’t normally eat nuts. Tiger Nuts are classed as a superfood as they are a natural source of pre-biotics. They can be eaten fresh, dried, baked or simply added to cereal.

Squash Honeyboat

The squash that is “sweeter than a sweet potato” is Squash Honey Boat. Rob introduced this to his 2016 range where it was a big hit. So, it has earned its place in the 2017 range. Dating back to 1884 Honeyboat produces super sweet fruits with firm, dark orange flesh.

Chilli Pepper Bishop’s Crown

Another newbie to the range (although it’s really an oldie) is Chilli Pepper Bishop’s Crown. Rob says, “I love this uniquely shaped chilli, it reminds me of a bell crossed with a flying saucer. The flavour isn’t that hot and it has a great fruity tang.” Each plant will produce 40-50+ fruit, each resembling a Bishop’s crown.  

If the thought of nut-free ‘nuts’, sweeter than sweet squash and weird looking chillies appeals then take a look at Rob’s Heritage Veg Plant Range. You’ll find it also includes purple cauliflower, currant-sized tomatoes, ornamental peas and traditional pickling cucumbers.

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