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Jun 1, 2021

A perfect summer day is when the sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, the birds are singing, and the lawn mower is broken.

James Dent

It feels like summer is suddenly upon us! Long days and steadily rising temperatures make June a wonderful month to be out and about in the garden. After a seemingly endless winter and disappointingly cold spring, this could be the month that we can throw open the doors and windows, bringing the outside in. Hopefully.

June is here, heralding the true start of summer and allowing us to bridge the divide between home and garden. All danger of lingering frosts (& dare we say spring showers?!) has now passed. It’s a great time to get your hands dirty and your plants will be especially grateful for a regular water & feed during this time. We know that many of you are currently growing edibles for self-sufficiency and a good feed is vital for the production of bountiful crops.

Whether you’re at home or at the allotment, your crops will be drawing increased attention from all forms of wildlife – it’s the perfect time to harness all those helpful critters and put controls in place for the not-so-friendly. Tadpoles will be hopping into their final froggy form, and birds will be feeding their young with all the pesky caterpillars and aphids they can find, so spare a thought for these unpaid workers and consider adding a bird feeder or insect hotel to improve your garden’s ecosystem.

Now is the time to plant out summer bedding, to keep lawns looking tidy and to deadhead bedding and perennial plants, thus keeping them flowering. And the really good news is that, if you haven’t done so already, you can now cut back those straggly and yellowing daffodil leaves without doing any harm to next year’s display!

June Gardening News Catchup –Thank You RHS for Virtual Chelsea 2021!

We would like to say a big thank you to the RHS for making this year’s Virtual Chelsea Flower Show 2021 possible. Bringing one of the most prestigious shows into people’s homes and gardens meant that all that we’re planning to go (and many who weren’t) got to experience Chelsea at its finest. With a week of celebration, inspiration and advice, the show brought the joy and escapism of gardening to many around the country! We think this is just a taster for what’s to come in September, but once again, thank you to the RHS, the BBC and all of the fantastic presenters that made it a truly memorable week.

If you missed anything, check out our pages below for all the information you need!

Top 10 Jobs for the Month

June is a month of wonderfully long daylight hours, warmth and sunshine. It sets ideal conditions for plants to grow strongly and the flower garden will now be at its most colourful! Regular watering is essential this month as is the application of liquid feed. First thing in the morning or in the evening is the best time to water. The warmth and the water will be encouraging not only your plants but also the weeds to grow so keep the hoe handy.

  1. Harden off any indoor grown plants ready for planting out in prepared soil. Those that have already been sitting in a cold frame will be ready to go.
  2. Start feeding tomatoes once the first truss is set.
  3. Give broad bean plants support and check for signs of black-fly. Remove any growing tips where you can find evidence of this pesky pest.
  4. Grass cuttings can be spread thickly on veg beds after watering to act as a mulch.
  5. New potatoes will be ready for lifting. They don’t store as well as main-crop varieties so lift just enough for a meal at a time.
  6. Summer bedding can be planted out, pots can be filled and hanging baskets placed in position.
  7. Deadhead blooms as they fade and the plants may well produce a second flowering.
  8. I seem to say this every month but – keep on top of the weeds!
  9. Cut back yellowed foliage from spring bulbs but mark where they are so you don’t dig them up by mistake.
  10. If June lives up to its reputation and becomes a scorcher then you will need water, water, and then water again. With some feeding in between!

Want to know more? Check out our June on the Allotment blog for more tips and tricks on the plot!

June Flowers to Sow

June opens up the outdoor sowing season to popular border flowers like alstroemeria, achillea, arabis, Canterbury bells, coreopsis, erigeron, myosotis and sweet William. Meanwhile, polyanthus, primrose and pansy, can be started off in your greenhouse.

Myosotis Seeds Compindi from Dobies

Myosotis Seeds – Compindi

Our favourite myosotis, Compindi is several shades darker blue than normal types giving a much greater colour effect in the garden. 

RHS Perfect For Pollinators.

Height 15-20cm (6-8″). HB – Hardy biennial.

Sow May-September to flower April-June the following year. Suggested planting distance 15cm (6″).

Pansy Seeds 'Poker Face F2' from Dobies

Pansy Seeds – Poker Face F2

The pansy with the exotic, velvety flowers. Deep maroon centres to the blooms with an orange band bisecting a further maroon to the edge of the petals. A real novelty. 

Height 15cm (6″). HB/HP – Hardy biennial/Hardy perennial.

For summer flowering, sow these little charmers from February-April. However best grown sown June-July for the following spring/summer.

Anemone Seeds - Mona Lisa Wine White Bicolour from Dobies

Anemone Seeds – Mona Lisa Wine White Bicolour

A masterpiece among anemones! The shade-tolerant plants produce large flowers with sturdy stems that don’t need staking.

Flowers October-April. Height 25-46cm (10-18”). HP – Hardy perennial.

Sow March-June for flowering October-April. Plant spacing 15-20cm (6-8″).

Other June Flowers to Sow

New Flower Seed in June

Primrose Seeds 'Amore
Primrose Amore adds delightful colour to gardens in early spring

Primrose Seeds – Amore

The Primrose Seeds – Amore produces stunning double flowers. Coloured peach melba, these tropical flowers are perfect to add a touch of class to our hanging basket flower displays this year. The lightly scented Primrose Seeds – Amore are ideal next to your front door or to add a burst of colour to your container and patio pot flower displays.

June Veg to Sow

June brings increasingly warm temperatures and the threat of frost has passed, so it’s safe to sow all sorts of summer and autumn cropping vegetables straight into your outdoor beds, including a selection of beans and peas, squashes, sweetcorn and cucumbers. Stagger your sowings of salad leaves to ensure the longest growing season.

Bean (Climbing French) Seeds - Golden Gate from Dobies

Bean (Climbing French) Seeds – Golden Gate

Attractive flat, yellow beans up to 25cm long. Stringless and tender, heavy cropping.

Beans are easy to see against green leaves, therefore easier and quicker to pick.

Try blanching and adding to salads.

Sow Indoors April and May and directly into warm soil from mid-May to June. Sow at a depth of 3-4cm (1 1/2″) and 10cm (4″) apart, allowing 45cm (18″) between rows. Germination temperatures 18-22°C.

Beetroot Seeds - Boltardy from Dobies

Beetroot Seeds – Boltardy

Boltardy is a unique beetroot that’s resistant to bolting (running to seed). It’s got a rich colour, is of superb quality and can be sown earlier than any other beetroot. RHS Award of Garden Merit winner. Globe variety. Maturing 12-16 weeks from sowing. Variety trialled, tested and recommended by the National Institute of Agricultural Botany.

Choose a sunny spot and sow seed thinly outdoors in drills (straight shallow grooves) made 30cm (12″) apart and then covered with about 1.25cm (½”) of soil. For general use, sow at regular intervals late April-early June. 

Spinach Beet Seeds - Rhubarb Chard

Spinach Beet Seeds – Rhubarb Chard

This variety wouldn’t look out of place in the flower bed, with its deep red stalks and dark green, crumpled leaves. You can use it as a back drop to your cut flower bed its that ornamental. So called, because over the centuries, novice cooks have mistaken it for true rhubarb. However, it is better in a chard and cheddar quiche, than a ‘Rhubarb’ and apple crumble! It will add colour to any dish, with the leaves being a great alternative to spinach. It has the mildest flavour of all the chards. I grow ‘Rhubarb’ chard for baby leaves, they make a beautiful bistro salad.

Sow in drills 1.25cm (½”) deep and 45cm (1½’) apart into warm, moist, weed-free soil during spring/summer and thin out gradually to 23cm (9″) apart. Alternatively, sow in trays using quality compost.

Other veg to to sow in June

New Veg Seed in June

Tomato Veranda F1 Seeds
Perfect for urban gardens, grow ‘Veranda Red’ tomatoes on balconies or containers

Tomato Seeds – Veranda Red F1

British bred, taking 15 years breeding to perfect, this is an incredibly productive little plant (up to 75 fruit per plant). Bred by the man who created ‘Red Alert’ and ‘Tumbler’. Very early (mid-July) ripening. Sweet, cherry-sized fruits that were very popular in taste tests. Some blight resistance and resistance to fusarium and verticillium. 12–16g fruit. Loved by Carol Klein at RHS Hampton Court Flower Show 2019. Finally a great tasting, compact, bush tomato with flavour! Ideal for patios, balconies and anywhere else too small for a regular tomato. Can even be grown in pots as small as 11cm wide. No staking or support required, just water and harvest. Good resistance to Fusarium, Verticillium and some resistance to late blight. Bush Variety. Harvest mid-July–October. Height 21–30cm (8–12″); spread 31–40cm (12–16″).

June Veg to Plant

Wondering What Needs Harvesting in the June Vegetable Garden?

Sorry but you really do need to stop cutting asparagus from the middle of the month as the bed needs time to recover for next year. Thankfully, there’s plenty of other veg to harvest and enjoy.

Salad crops  Turnips     PeasSorrelRadish
Early PotatoesMangetoutCourgettesChilliesEarly Carrots
Broad BeansCalabreseGarlic CauliflowerSpinach

Gardening Offers In June

We’re always looking to give you the best value vegetable plants, tasty fruit and colourful flowers. Shop our range of seasonal offers, updated weekly to get the best value for your outdoor space.

Social Posts of June #dobiesgardening

We like to share with the Dobies community what everyone has been up to each month on the plot. This month, it looks like things are strong on the tulip game, little cucumbers are making an appearance and there’s some shocking pink phlox on the plot!

Below are our top 5 social posts of the previous month and if you would like the chance to be featured in next month’s newsletter, all you need to do is tag us and use the hashtag #dobiesgardening.

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June Gardening News – Sustainable Product of the Year Winner!

What a week it was this May! Our June newsletter is still talking about all things, RHS Chelsea, because of how brilliant it has been! RHS Chelsea is a truly unique, unforgettable experience and a key date in every allotmenteers, avid gardener and flower lover’s calendar. Hundreds of garden designers, growers and famous faces come together to present the very best advancements in the horti world. This year the RHS Virtual Show took place in May and the Flower Show is planned for September! For RHS Virtual Chelsea, we had a week packed full of well-known Horti experts, TV personalities, show designers and expert growers, talking all things gardening. However, one of the main annual competitions is the Product of the Year Award, and this year brings sustainability to the forefront! But who won?

Green Ocean Plastic Pots

June Gardening News – And the award goes to… Ocean Plastic Pots!

We can see why this one took the winning title, as every pot has been crafted by ocean waste, preventing it from living in landfill and turning it into garden pots and planters instead!

Available in Mint Green, Blue and Dark green these gorgeous pots have been designed in Glasgow and made in Scotland.

They hope to plant the seed to encourage more of us to reduce the amount of plastic we use and in turn protect our planet and our future.

June Gardening News – RHS Chelsea Flower Show… September!

From Tuesday September 21 to Sunday September 26, The RHS Chelsea Flower Show will be held on the grounds of the Royal Hospital, Chelsea. Rightly so, we will be celebrating this occasion on our blog social media pages so be sure to return in September for more fabulous Chelsea content!

June Gardening News – Sustainability with RHS Chelsea

Sustainability was at the forefront of Virtual RHS Chelsea this year and we know that on our Dobies blog, and amongst many of our Dobies customers, that encouraging sustainability is always at the forefront our work too. Here are just a few simple pointers on how to make some sustainable changes in your home and garden!

Sowing seeds cardboard tube
  • Save your seeds from flowers and veg – When your crops have matured, collect the seeds before they dry out. Store in a cool dry place, and sow them in the next season!
  • Composting – Remember most kitchen and garden waste can go in here.
  • Re-use plastic pots and containers – It says it the name, re-use again and again. Or, opt for recycled eco-friendly pots and containers, we have plenty!
  • Conserve water – Collecting rainwater in a water butt means less use of a hosepipe. Save money and water!
  • Natural Pest Control – Less use of chemical pest killers with damaging toxins to your garden and the environment around.
  • Mulching – Keeps your soil moist, full of nutrients and will keep pests away!
  • Unmowed grass – It doesn’t have to be your entire garden, but if you keep one section or corner unmowed you will be offering a range of wildlife and a happy home.
  • Air quality – Plant trees and hedges to improve surrounding air quality and provide another safe place for wildlife.

How to Encourage Children to Garden in June

Encouraging your children to garden is not always easy but is a great way to introduce them to nature and for them to interact and learn about the environment around them. During the summer holidays, it can also be a fun-free way of entertaining them too, and showing them just how vegetables are grown! Here are some top tips on how to encourage your children to garden and some easy veg and flowers to grow to keep them busy on the plot!

Easy Flowers & Veg to Grow with Children in June

Kids on allotment digging

Give the Kids Some Space On the Plot
If you have the space in the garden or on the plot, then providing children with their own section provides a good lesson in responsibility! This can range from a raised bed, a part of a bed or border or just a couple of containers or planters. The size of the space is not overly important as long as there is room for a few different varieties of plants to be grown and it’s somewhere they can take ownership of.

They can do it!
Give children the freedom to look after their own plot. If they are just watching what you are doing boredom will quickly set in and they will likely be distracted by something much more demanding of their attention that’s probably far less constructive.

Make Gardening Fun, And Seem Less Boring!
Above all else make being out in the garden enjoyable. Children can be notoriously impatient and instant results will be needed to maintain interest. So those biennial Sweet Williams sown last year that are now flowering, may not be the best thing to start with.

Patio Makeover in June

After seeing the exceptional displays at the RHS Virtual Chelsea Flower Show 2021, we’ve got a real taste for some summer colours possible on our patio in our June newsletter.  We’ve got plenty of potted plants which boast perfect blooms to fill your patios with instant colour and interest! From dazzling dahlias and tropical cannas to show-stopping alstroemeria, pretty gerberas and more!

Collection of patio containers
Potted plants add stunning colour to your garden, with the added benefit of being easy to move around!

Browse our selection below and give your patio a makeover this June!

This month should be a busy one and there’s plenty to be done on the plot. We hope our June newsletter gives you plenty to get busy with and if you have enjoyed reading, please come back next month and check out our July newsletter. Remember to share any of your growing antics with us this June on our social media pages!

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