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February Newsletter

February is often cited as being people’s least favourite month. It’s cold, it’s dark, dank and damp. A month when many wish they could burrow under the duvet and hibernate.

Yet the daylight hours are lengthening and there are signs of spring. Here in Devon the verges are littered with cheery primroses and those stalwarts of winter, the hellebores continue to flower.

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March Newsletter

“Oh, the good life, full of fun seems to be the ideal”

It’s coming, Spring is almost here! Most of the country has had a fairly easy winter but even so what joy spring brings! The birds are singing, the blossom is blossoming, our gardens are awakening. I could go on, with a host of golden clichés but I won’t, I’ll stop.

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Superfood Kale

Kale has successfully moved from being classed as cattle fodder to becoming a superfood. Delicious, exceptionally high in vitamins and fibre kale is really easy to grow, even in a small space.

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Vegetable delights

allotment-sized vegetable plot

My husband’s allotment-sized vegetable plot in full swing last Summer, just as we harvested the first of the new potatoes

Sometimes, I think that gardeners, if they are not also cooks, forget that vegetables are grown to be eaten! Yet for what other purpose do we take such loving care and attention of our vegetable plot or allotment, our pride and joy? Newcomers may be overwhelmed. On large plots particularly, you often see long rows of one variety, as if you were feeding the biblical 5,000; and no way would the produce still be tender by the time the end of the row is reached. Maybe, the intention is to preserve or freeze the surplus. Shorter rows and more variety might be more useful; or sown and grown in small patches. But with the ‘grow your own’ phenomenon still on the increase, there is always the possibility that the cook in the kitchen is unsure of how to prepare some of the more unusual varieties. The urge to grow outweighs other considerations.

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