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June on the Allotment Garden

By Richard Chivers

It’s felt a lot like summer over the last few weeks. The weather has just been glorious. I can’t remember the last time I’ve worn shorts as often in May.

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News from the Elephant Farm

elephant farm

elephant farm

Hello there from wild wind swept Devon,

I love this time of year, all the hard work is rewarded with the bountiful crops that are coming through. The peas will be ready to pick next week.

We have already had some golden burpee beet roots which take a little longer to grow but are well worth the wait.

The broad beans are amazing, taste delicious and are cropping like wild fire.

The wild strawberries have so much fruit on I have put a net over to stop the pigeons being too tempted!

Carrots too, Yellowstone and rainbow baby carrots have already gone over to the restaurant. Simon brings the chefs up to see where the food is grown.

Fingers crossed that this good weather continues for us but looks like rain forecasted for the next few days.  🙁

Debs the guru gardener !

On The Elephant Farm – Peas!

pea douce Provence

pea douce Provence

Hello fellow gardening folk, What wonderful weather we have had, it has warmed the ground up lovely. I  put out my peas this week, “early onward ” an easy to grow favourite and “ douce Provence ” they only

grow about 18″ high so twig staking only required also can be sown in October and November for over wintering , my first time with these so will keep you posted.
All my tomatoes and cucumbers are in the tunnels now as are my ” tomatillo ” ( lime flavoured toms that come in their own Chinese lanterns ) which are growing with great zest, I am quiet excited to see what these little wonders turn out like ! My cucamelons  are just starting to take bite but they do like the warm these are grape sized watermelons that taste of cucumber with a shot of lime… Enjoy the weather ( including the rain!) and catch you all next week.
Debs the guru gardener !

Vegetable delights

allotment-sized vegetable plot

My husband’s allotment-sized vegetable plot in full swing last Summer, just as we harvested the first of the new potatoes

Sometimes, I think that gardeners, if they are not also cooks, forget that vegetables are grown to be eaten! Yet for what other purpose do we take such loving care and attention of our vegetable plot or allotment, our pride and joy? Newcomers may be overwhelmed. On large plots particularly, you often see long rows of one variety, as if you were feeding the biblical 5,000; and no way would the produce still be tender by the time the end of the row is reached. Maybe, the intention is to preserve or freeze the surplus. Shorter rows and more variety might be more useful; or sown and grown in small patches. But with the ‘grow your own’ phenomenon still on the increase, there is always the possibility that the cook in the kitchen is unsure of how to prepare some of the more unusual varieties. The urge to grow outweighs other considerations.

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