Well the weather this week so far is glorious ! So lots has been a happening down on the farm.

I have managed to get the rest of my potatoes in , the general rule for spuds is in by Good Friday but . . . Only you can judge really and just use that as guide line.

Also I have planted kohl rabi . ” lanro ” a delicate flavour and ” kolibri ” a  purple skinned one , will let you know how I get on.

Also , leaf beat bright lights , one of my favourite and spinach ” reddy ” a new one for me but spinach is usually bomb proof . . . Lets hope I haven’t spoke too soon !

I popped half of my climbing French bean out ( cobra) and held half back because there is still cold nights but they seem to be doing well and some borlotti beans.

My peas in the tunnels have doubled in size in just a week , everything is jumping on , it’s wonderful to see.Lets hope we have a great summer ahead and I will catch you all next week


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