Gardening remains a highly popular hobby across the UK. No matter how much or how little space people have they enjoy creating and maintaining their patch, be it several acres or simply a couple of pots on a window ledge.

As with all hobbies, like-minded people enjoy each other’s company and get-together to discuss and resolve common issues, to learn and to share their findings and experiences. Much of this takes place through the many gardening groups, clubs, horticultural societies and allotment associations that are spread across the country. They may have different names and labels but at heart all are groups of people wanting to mix with others who are like they are.


Here at Dobies of Devon we work with a great many of these groups, supporting the members with our wide range of products at discounted prices. Like other seed suppliers we used to do this through an organiser who would gather in all of the member’s orders and money, tally them up and then send forward them to us. We would then process the combined order and despatch the goods to the organiser who would then have to distribute them to the individual members. Not surprisingly many organisers found this onerous and contacted us requesting a rethink.

Well, we listened to the issues and discussed possible solutions. The result has been a radical change to the way in which the Dobies of Devon group scheme operates. An organiser is still needed but only to publicise the scheme to members and to distribute catalogues.

The key benefits of the revised Dobies of Devon Group Scheme are:

  • Generous discounts off seed and all other products
  • Dobies flower seeds are up to 47% cheaper and vegetable seeds are up to 41% cheaper than all other major seed suppliers (based on the average of 2015 seed prices for comparable varieties) – and this is before the generous discounts are applied!
  • Groups can share the discounts with their members and so raise funds for running costs such as meeting venue hire, outings and water charges
  • No cut off dates – the discounts apply all year round
  • Orders can be placed by post, by phone and online
  • Members can benefit from sale prices and email offers
  • Minimal administration for the organiser and no money handling
  • Monthly newsletter and access to a full library of gardening advice

Interested? Then please contact us for more details.

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