Strong healthy veg plants will be more resistant to disease than those that are stressed so do keep them well watered, weed free, regularly fed and also well-spaced to allow the air to circulate between plants. It can be soul destroying when disease does strike a crop and wipes out all your hard work and anticipation of harvest.

The Dobies Seed Catalogue features a number of disease resistant veg that have been proven to stand up to those enemies fungi, bacteria and virus. So, if you’ve been disappointed this year then take a look below and perhaps consider switching to one of these somewhat tougher varieties.

Climbing French bean Algarve
A tasty stringless variety with resistance to the Bean Mosaic virus.

Dwarf French bean Stanley
All-purpose heavy cropping variety with good disease resistance and plant vigour.

Dwarf French bean Valdor
Tasty yellow pods and good virus resistance.

Beetroot Boltardy
There’s a good reason why this variety has been around for years – its top class and resistant to bolting.

Brussels Sprout Crispus F1
Club Root resistant this is the only variety to grow if you have Club Root in your soil.

Cabbage Sarmash F1
A round type, sweet tasting and resistant to white blister disease.

Cabbage Kilazol F1
An improvement on any other club root resistant cabbage, with long storage and wonderful taste.

Red Cabbage Tundra F1
Medium large heads with superb resistance to really hard winter weather.

Cabbage Dutchman F1
A small-headed pointed cabbage with excellent flavour and good resistance to white blister.

Cabbage Tinty F1
A pointed red cabbage with good resistance to white blister.

Carrot Sugarsnax 54 F1
Long tender and thin roots perfect for salads or eating raw and resistant to Alternaria disease.

Carrot Eskimo Fi
Hardy up to -10 degrees and tolerant to High Cavity Spot and Alternaria disease.

Carrot Flyaway F1
The name gives it away – an easy to grow variety with great resistant to carrot fly.

Carrot Maestro F1
Reliable, tasty and with excellent resistance to carrot fly.

Carrot Artemis F1
A high quality Nantes variety with good resistance to bolting.

Cauliflower Clapton Fi
At last a Club Root resistant variety! A superb, vigorous autumn variety.

Celery Golden Spartan
A very tasty, productive variety with good resistance to bolting.

Endive Natacha
A vigorous golden-hearted variety with good bolting resistance.

Courgette Tosca F1
A high yielding bushy variety with good tolerance to Powdery Mildew.

Cucumber Passandra F1
All female type with good resistance to Powdery Mildew, Mosaic Virus and Downy Mildew.

Cucumber Baby F1
A mini cucumber with resistance to Powdery Mildew.

Leek Sprintan F1
An early maturing leek with good resistance to leek rust fungus.

Leek Toledo
A late season variety with very long shanks and excellent bolting resistance.

Lettuce Lakeland
An iceberg type with good resistance to root aphid and many lettuce diseases.

Lettuce Robinson
A crisp green lettuce, ideal for organic growing, with good pest and disease resistance.

Lettuce Red Little Gem Amaze
Red leaves with a soft buttery taste and disease resistant.

Lettuce Little Gem
Delicate, crisp, fleshy hearts and resistant to Root Aphid.

Lettuce Valdor
A winter/spring lettuce, very resistant to cold, wet conditions.

Parsnip Albion F1
Excellent flavour and resistant to the very latest strains of disease, including canker.

Parsnip Picador F1
Outstanding flavour with excellent canker resistance.

Pea Alexandra
Deliciously sweet with good mildew resistance.

Red Onion Red Pearl F1
Excellent flavour and good storage ability with good tolerance to mildew.

Salad Onion Kaigo
Outstanding in our trials this mild tasting onion is disease resistant.

Swede Invitation
Really tasty, Club Root and Powdery Mildew resistant.

Tomato Cossack F1
Tasty, high yielding and resistant to Tanacco Mosaic Virus, Fusarium and Cladosporium.

Tomato Crimson Crush
The world’s first fully blight resistant tomato!

Tomato Fantasio F1
Prolific crop and blight tolerant.

Tomato Guiietta F1
Heavy crops of large plum tomatoes with a good range of disease resistances.

Tomato Lizzano F1
Large sweet cherry-sized fruits and excellent blight resistance.

Watermelon Rosario F1
Sweet, juicy and early maturing with tolerance to mildew, fusarium and anthracnose.

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