With summer not yet underway it may seem too early but gardening is all about planning ahead and now really is the time to start thinking about winter and spring-flowering bedding plants and bulbs.

The fact that many of the plants and bulbs you put in last year have only recently stopped flowering will hopefully help you to plan where you need some extra colour, where certain plants looked particularly good, etc. The huge range of colour, shape and height in the Dobies range means that there are winter and spring-flowering bedding plants and bulbs for all gardens, irrespective of the soil and aspect.


For autumn colour how about planting some Colchicums and allowing them to naturalise? Cyclamen will grow happily amongst the Colchicums in full or dappled shade and will flower from autumn right through to spring.

Most bulbs grow well in containers providing that the soil is gritty and well drained. A tub of dark pink Nerine bowdenii will create a striking focal point in any autumn garden or, for a subtler look, try the paler but larger flowered Nerine bowdenii Albivetta.

For a more natural looking garden you really cannot go wrong with Anemone nemosa, English bluebells, snowdrops, aconites and of course our native British daffodils. Many of these are long-lasting and will readily multiply beneath trees and shrubs.

The Dig, Drop, Done trays of bulbs have been specially selected to give a long flowering period, and the bulbs are perfectly spaced. Once all flowering has finished allow the foliage to die down then lift the bulbs and either stir them or replant them direct in the garden. The containers can then be planted up with summer flowering bulbs, yet more planning ahead!

Primrose Rambo

Bedding plants that flower in autumn, spring and winter will bring much needed colour to those cold dreary days. Ideally go for a mix ensuring that the varieties flower at slightly different times. The usual primulas, primroses, pansies and bellis remain popular due to the fact that they work so well and also because of the huge range of colours available. Last year Suttons introduced the new Primrose Rambo Mix, probably the largest flowered primrose and certainly one of the strongest scented. And the good news is that it sold so well that it is back in our range for next year.

So, why not pour yourself a cuppa and settle down to do some planning ahead. It will be time very well, and pleasantly, spent.

Anemone nemerosa

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