Heritage Veg is making a big return in our 2017 Seed Catalogue. Rubbing shoulders with exciting new varieties the heritage veg range is championed by Rob Smith, winner of the BBC Big Allotment Challenge.

Rob tells us “I’ve grown my own veg for as long as I can remember. I started by helping my grandad as a small child. The passion for growing blossomed from there (no pun intended).” He continues, “I wanted to preserve all the wonderful varieties of vegetables we have available to the home grower, and stop any more varieties disappearing forever. My aim, along with Dobies, is to try and give you the chance to grow similar varieties for you and your family to enjoy at home.”

As a result, the Dobies 2017 range includes 28 varieties that “will provide a taste of the past for you to enjoy today!” Some of these varieties have been in the Dobies range for many years. But, with Rob’s help, we have added some exciting new/old varieties.


Runner Bean Sunset – The only runner bean to have peachy pink flowers.

Climbing French Bean Blauhilde – Very ornamental yet heavy cropping. Rosy purple flowers are followed by purple stringless beans.

Beetroot Rouge Crapaudine – Estimated to be 1000 years old with a superior flavour. Chefs from around the world use this as their beetroot of choice.

Brussels Sprouts Rubine – Ornamental deep purple foliage and walnut sized red/purple sprouts.

White Cabbage Jersey Wakefield – Dating back to 1840 this pointed sweet cabbage is ready in early summer. Perfect for coleslaws and salad dished.


Red Cabbage Kalibos – Perfect for picking or cooking in red wine with apple and raisins.

Cauliflower di Scilia violetto – Old Italian purple cauli. There’s no need to cover the curds and it is less prone to pests than newer varieties.

Spinach Beet Rhubarb Chard – Ornamental enough for the flower bed with red stalks and dark crumpled leaves. Milder than most chards.

Carrot Oxheart – An old snub-nosed French variety. Perfect for growing in containers or shallow soil. Sweet, tender and an excellent keepter.

Courgette Cocozelle v. Tripolis – A beautiful old Italien variety with green/cream striped fruits.

Kohl Rabi Superschmeiz – A gigantic kohl rabi that still stays tender and sweet.

Lettuce Fat Lazy Blonde – A French butterhead variety. You’ll have to visit the website if you want to know how it got its name!

Lettuce Drunken Woman – Another interesting name! The blushed leaves are thought to represent the cheeks of a lady who has had a glass or two.

Parsnip Hollow Crown – Dating back to 1820 this is probably the oldest parsnip still around today. Nice solid flesh with a sweet flavour.


Hopefully this will have tempted you to grow some new/old heritage veg amongst your usual favourites.


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