Dobies Group Scheme offers generous discounts to allotment groups, garden clubs and societies

Members of amateur gardening clubs can benefit from the generous discounts offered by the Dobies Group Scheme. And remember, our seeds are already cheaper than many other suppliers!

Dobies has a strong focus on vegetable growing and this year we’ve welcomed Rob Smith, winner of the Big Allotment Challenge 2015 to the team. Rob has been busy developing our vegetable and heritage seed ranges plus an exciting cut-and-come-again flower range.

Rob say:


“Winning BBC2’s Big Allotment Challenge was an incredible experience competing against my fellow allotmenteers really did push me and bring out the best of British growing. It showed that producing your own food can be fun and rewarding. I love the fact you can provide for your loved ones, growing fantastic crops at the same time. It was great to grow to show, but deep down I grew for taste, that’s why I’ve chosen the varieties that are in the heritage veg range. They look good and taste incredible.”

If you are a member of a gardening group then the Dobies Group Scheme is available for you to join now. And here’s what makes it different compared to other similar schemes:


  • Members are able to benefit from an uncomplicated and generous 50% discount off packet seed and 15% discount off everything else. This includes plants, bulbs, fruit, tools and even greenhouses!
  • The discount is available on orders placed throughout the year, there is no deadline.
  • No minimum order is needed at individual level and we welcome top-up orders throughout the year. All we ask is that, as a group, you spend at least £100 (after discount) on seed per year.
  • There is an option to share the discount with a percentage being kept by the group. Many groups use this to raise funds to cover the cost of meeting room hire, speakers, water rates, etc.
  • The discount is driven by a unique offer code that members quote when ordering. The organiser will simply need to publicise this offer code to members.
  • Where we have reduced the price of an item the discount will also apply, giving even more value.
  • Member are able to sign up to receive weekly email offers.

Ordering & Delivery

  • Members are able to order direct by phone, post or online. They do not have to order via a designated organiser. This means that very little administration is required.
  • Payment is with order, again this minimises the organiser’s administration.
  • Delivery is direct to the address of the person placing the order.

Learn more about Dobies group discount scheme here. Alternatively, please email and we’ll send an information pack to you. Just remember to provide your full postal address!

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