February may still be winter but a couple of toes are definitely poking forward into spring. Snowdrops, primroses, muscari and other delights are in flower and daffodil buds are opening. Ready to herald the arrival of spring 2017.

Feedback from our January catalogue has been excellent. Many customers are clearly enjoying the depth and breadth of our spring range. And the really good news is that we haven’t finished yet. Our Spring catalogue will be hitting doormats from the 13th of this month, bursting with flowers, vegetables, summer bulbs, fruit and equipment.

  • Early potatoes need chitting this month in preparation for planting out next. Visit our blog for details.
  • Order your bedding plug plants now. Both our Pick & Mix offer and the Early Delivery option end in February so don’t miss out.
  • For an early crop sow tomato seeds. Visit our websites to see which varieties are suitable for early sowing.
  • Sow sweet peas – no summer garden is complete without them!
  • January is really the time for sowing onion seeds but it’s still not too late.
  • Dobies Salad Leaves Winter Mix can be sown and grown in the greenhouse or on a windowsill. You’ll be harvesting them in no time.
  • Pot up your over-wintered dahlia tubers to start them into growth.
  • If you haven’t already done so then give your seed trays a good clean. You’ll be needing them in March!

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Mention Jerusalem Artichokes and at least one person is likely to throw their hands up in horror or to snigger. Not everyone knows that they are members of the Sunflower family but most know of their fearsome reputation as wind generators. Not for nothing are they affectionately known as Fartichokes. However, putting that to one side Jerusalem artichokes really are an excellent winter veg.

Leave them in the ground over winter, only lifting when you fancy enjoying their sweet, nutty flavour. They can be boiled and mashed, thinly sliced and added raw to salads or baked in a gratin. Cut them in half lengthways and roast them with garlic and thyme or partner them with leeks for a delicious winter soup.

Flavours that work well with Jerusalem artichokes include:

Cabbage                      Leeks               Onions             Garlic              Bacon

Sausages                     Chicken           Cream             Pinenuts          Puy Lentils

Lemon                         Thyme             Bay Leaves      Parmesan        Goat’s Cheese

Jerusalem artichokes affect different people in different ways. Here’s wishing you a light breeze rather than a full gale!

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