Zinnias are declared as being the flower of the year for 2017. With their huge range of colours, heights and flower sizes there’s at least one zinnia for every garden.

Zinnias originated in Mexico. The Spanish found their prolific, gaudy colours offensive and named them “mal de ojos” or “sickness of the eye”. In the 18th century the first seeds were brought to Europe by Dr Johann Gottfried Zinn. The flowers then received their welcome name change and the seeds were developed into the attractive blooms we know today.

Easily grown from seed Zinnias are great for children. Zinnia seeds are quite large and so easy for tiny hands to handle. Full easy-to-follow instructions can be found on the Dobies seed packet.

When planting out your zinnias choose a spot in full sun. They like well-drained soil and to be watered regularly. Your reward will be prolific flowering in a range of vibrant colours, perfect for cutting and bringing indoors. Just remember to deadhead regularly and they’ll bloom up until the first frosts.

Zinnia Illumination

Visit the Dobies website and you’ll find a choice of seven different zinnias, both seeds and plants. New for 2017 is the stunning Zinnia Illumination. Selected by Rob Smith for his Cut Flower Range Illumination will bloom from July until September. Rob tells us “With their long straight stems, pretty foliage and huge dahlia-style blooms in pastel shades of pink, they are a gardener’s and florist’s dream! Illumination will provide more blooms, for a longer time, they certainly look the part in the garden.” And the really good news is that a packet of 50 Dobies Zinnia Illumination seeds costs just £2.50!

If pink is not your colour and you prefer a mix, then Zinnia Raspberry Lemonade or Zinnia Faberge could be the answer. Vibrant jewel coloured blooms on sturdy stems in a choice of single or double flowers.

Rather than just 2017 I’m thinking that every year should be zinnia year.

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