Summer is suddenly upon us! Long days and steadily rising temperatures make June a wonderful month to be out and about in the garden.

It’s also the perfect time to visit other gardens that are opened to the public, often for charity. These visits will encourage and inspire you to try new things whilst giving your back and knees a rest from working on your own patch!

What to get done in the garden this month.

  • Harden off any indoor grown plants ready for planting out in prepared soil. Those that have already been sitting in a cold frame will be ready to go.
  • Start feeding tomatoes once the first truss is set.
  • Give broad bean plants support and check for signs of black-fly. Remove any growing tips where you can find evidence of this pesky pest.
  • Grass cuttings can be spread thickly on veg beds after watering to act as a mulch
  • New potatoes will be ready for lifting. They don’t store as well as main-crop varieties so lift just enough for a meal at a time
  • Summer bedding can be planted out, pots can be filled and hanging baskets placed in position
  • Deadhead blooms as they fade and the plants may well produce a second flowering
  • I seem to say this every month but – keep on top of the weeds!


Edeleweis, Edelweiss …. A new introduction

There are certain plants which everyone has heard of but few have actually seen and even fewer have grown.

The Edelweiss is one such plant.


Immortalised in the Sound of Music, the Edelweiss captured the public imagination but was not readily available to buy and subsequently nearly became extinct due to over-collection in the wild.

Ten years ago, one passionate Belgian florist, Herman Berghman, set out to breed a variety that could be used as a cut flower and the result of his efforts have brought us the outstanding Edelweiss Leontopodium alpinum Blossom of Snow ‘Berghman’.

Exhibited at this Years RHS Chelsea Flower Show on the gold medal winning Harperley Hall Farm Nurseries stand, Edelweiss Blossom of Snow was also shortlisted in the final 20 plants for the Plant of the Year award.

This wonderful variety is like no other Edelweiss

Blossom of Snow blooms in the summer and after a quick prune will flower all over again in the Autumn. It’s long lasting flowers are perfect for cut flower arrangements (the purpose for which it was bred), its large, snow white, star shaped, almost velvety flowers held on stems up to a foot long. In a well-draining soil, it is low maintenance, hardy down to -30°C and with its pure white flowers sitting above silvery foliage, it makes a stunning long lasting border or container plant.

edelweiss in vase

At last, British gardeners can not only sing about the Edelweiss but also grow them in their own gardens and enjoy them as cut flowers in their own homes.

There’ll be plenty of home-grown veg to harvest this month including those easy to grow broad beans. Eaten when small and young there is no need to double pod the beans but let them grow big and most people prefer to remove both the pod and the skin.

broad beans

Broad beans are low calorie, high in protein and dense in minerals and vitamins. Small young beans can be eaten raw in salad or go Italian and enjoy them with slithers of pecorino cheese.

Choose to cook your broad beans and they just need a quick blanch or steam. Stir them into pasta, quinoa and rice or simply add some lemon juice, olive oil and chopped dill and serve as a side dish. Cooked broad beans work well in a new potato with the addition of some olive oil, chopped parsley and lemon juice.

Broad beans eat well with:

Cheese          Lemon        New potatoes       Rice              Pasta
Chorizo         Mint            Basil                        Parsley        Dill
Pinenuts       Lamb          Watercress            Bacon          White wine

Also, known as fava beans these little green beauties do indeed go well with chianti when having a friend for lunch. And when the crop ends remember to leave the nitrogen rich roots in the soil to work their magic.

Instant Veg

Who doesn’t like the idea of growing their own? Being self-sufficient with a veg patch in the back garden or having an allotment on which to grow a bounty of homegrown goodness is the epitome of living the good life.

But sometimes our ambition doesn’t align with reality. The practicality and attention needed in growing a harvest of fresh fruit and vegetables isn’t always attainable in amongst our busy daily lives.

So whether it’s your first time growing vegetables, or you have fallen behind in the season against the relentless Old Father Time, then there is hope. If you have seen your existing crops damaged in the recent storms, decimated by pests and unwanted visitors to your garden or worse still, Mother Nature hasn’t been on your side, then there is a way forward. If you thought that you didn’t have the space, then we have the answer.

potted chilli plant

From tomatoes to peppers and courgettes, there is a range of vegetable plants to get you back on track, or give you the confidence to start growing your own.

Our large 5 litre potted plants are delivered to your door already starting to produce fruit. Ready for you to create an “instant” veg patch, you could soon picking tasty homegrown veg.

Suitable for any growing, be it a balcony, patio or decking there’s no reason to be left behing growing your own this summer.

See the full range of our 5 Litre Instant Veg Plants here and buy any 2 for only £12.


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