Belonging to the same genus as buttercups, Ranunculus are amongst the most beautiful of plants. The brightly coloured flowerheads have crepe paper thin petals, packed tightly together and balanced on tall, thin stems. The perfect cut flower!

The Victorian language of flowers tells us that Rananculus flowers symbolize radiant charm. So, giving a bunch of blooms is saying to the recipient “I am dazzled by your charms”. Wow, that’s some statement!

Easy to grow and happy in either sun or shade there’s a place for Ranunculus in most gardens. They possibly look most effective growing en masse but are also suitable to container growing. Just plant the bulbs in autumn, at a depth of 6cm. They will establish their roots, go dormant in winter with shoots then appearing in spring. And come May/June they will be flowering! Like sweet peas, the more blooms you cut, the more will get.

Dobies is offering a stunning selection of Ranunculus this autumn, including the following exciting new varieties:

Mirabelle Vert Mix

My personal favourite this is a striking double variety. The blooms are an intense mix of colours with each having an unusual emerald green centre. As cut flowers Mirabelle Vert Mix will make a stunning arrangement.

Striato Bianco

A delicately pretty flowerhead. Creamy-white petals with pink-picoteed edges.


There’s nothing delicate about Clemantine! This fabulous new variety gives a blast of orange colour and is a real early-bird, flowering from March to May.



Perfect for wedding flower arranging Pastello has beautiful pale pink petals, packed so tightly together they look like expensive tissue-paper.

These new varieties will look fabulous growing with the 4-solid coloured Ranunculus, also available from Dobies this autumn. And when it comes to flower arranging mixing a few of the solid pink flowerheads with Pastello or the yellow with Clemantine will look amazing.







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