We were thrilled to see the Rouge Crapaudine beetroot take to the limelight on Monday night’s MasterChef, as Kenny created beetroot steaks slow cooked in beef fat. Part of a signature dish by a Michelin restaurant in Yorkshire, this unique and scrumptious beetroot took centre stage. The beetroot steaks are a popular choice at The Black Swan restaurant, owned by Tommy Banks, and they’re ingenious.

We love the fact that the episode showcased just how creative you can be with veg, and what a way to shine a light on an unusual and historic variety. Tommy, explained that he loves the idea of cooking veg in beef fat rather than the other way around. The beetroot was cooked for three hours and then served as ‘steaks’ with cod row emulsion, a horseradish curd and beetroot discs.

Rob Smith’s Heritage Veg

It’s so exciting for us to to see this unique and historic variety of beetroot capture the nation’s imagination. The Rouge Crapaudine beetroot is part of our Rob Smith Heritage Veg range – and it’s one of our faves.

Rob said “Rouge Crapaudine gives you the true taste of beetroot and is sought after by chefs and gardeners alike. Supposedly dating back nearly 1000 years, this true heritage classic is just as easy to grow as any other beet and can be used in exactly the same way, however it gives you superior flavour. A real winner on the plate and in the garden.”

Now, we have to admit that the Crapaudine isn’t too much to look at, but its superior flavour has won it a reputation with chefs around the world. The Crapaudine is the oldest beetroot variety in existence and has a rough, gnarled skin. And, if you like a side salad with your veg dish those red-tinged stalks are perfect.

Grow your own Crapaudine

The seeds are ideal for growing in beds or borders and you’ll need to sow them at regular intervals from late April to early June. They love to grow in sunny spots, and harvest between June and December.

So, if you’re keen to try last night’s recipe for yourself, you can grow your very own Crapaudine. We’ve a sneaky feeling the variety’s big moment on MasterChef is going to inspire foodies to be more adventurous with the beetroot in their own kitchens – and we can’t wait.

Click here to order your Rouge Crapaudine beetroot seeds from the Dobies Rob Smith Heritage Veg range.

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